hither and thither

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Synonyms for hither and thither

from one place or situation to another

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Hither and thither fled Umslopogaas, and always his eyes were on the earth.
And so, leaving the remnant of these damned souls still going hither and thither and moaning, as the day grew clearer, I tied some grass about my feet and limped on across smoking ashes and among black stems, that still pulsated internally with fire, towards the hiding-place of the Time Machine.
Uncertain who were their attackers, and unable to tell their English enemies from their newly-arrived Breton allies, the Spanish knights rode wildly hither and thither in aimless fury.
He assumed, instantly, therefore, a belligerent tone; ordered the squaws to lead the horses to a small grove of ashen trees, and unload and tie them; and caused a great bustle to be made by his scanty handful; the leaders riding hither and thither, and vociferating with all their might, as if a numerous force was getting under way for an attack.
Upon watching the video from close, we can spot the man looking hither and thither while the suspect runs amok with his heavily modified gun.
There are welfare committees in almost all localities run by sober people, they can take the beggars to task and stop them from roaming aimlessly hither and thither.
As holiday season approaches, some of us might be lucky enough to take flights hither and thither, and while I know a lot of people who need a stiff whisky to steady their nerves, not me.
Charles Dickens, for example, has dozens in London alone, partly because his father moved the family hither and thither to give his creditors the slip.
The waters have been muddied, Tayyaba's parents pulled hither and thither, evidence collection and witness statements have been poorly taken and in the end the prosecution case was so threadbare intentionally so that there was never a real possibility of the major charges producing a conviction.
Visit www.liverpoolecho.co.uk After disastrous sorties in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is simply no longer the stomach for deploying British troops hither and thither.
Amid a looming trade war following Mr Trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, Sir Vince will say the Government's vision of "a Global Britain signing new trade deals hither and thither" is a "fraud".
17 (BNA): His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa the representative of HM the King for Charity Works and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Youth and Sports (SCYS) and President of Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) said the Kingdom of Bahrain is a cosmopolitan multi-cultural diversity non-discriminatory country as has been known hither and thither.
The once kingly Christmas tree lay splayed across the sitting room floor, broken baubles were strewn hither and thither, the once all-seeing angel from atop the tree had been sent flying across the room and landed under the coffee table.
Our glorious sweet rocket, Hesperis matronalis, which has self-seeded hither and thither in the raised beds, has sprawled over unsuspecting astrantias.
There are dragons burning down villages, monsters crashing into stone pillars and swords being thrown hither and thither.