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a fixed post with a ring to which a horse can be hitched to prevent it from straying

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Ostini and Hartley started the Hitching Post brand back in 1984, with the first commercial production reaching just 1,200 cases.
One instance is the historic cast iron hitching posts that can be found in New Orleans.
(The material was scrubbed from the site prior to the lawsuit's filing, and the Hitching Post now claims to be a religious non-profit.)
To celebrate the film's 10th anniversary, Hitching Post Wines (memorably featured in the film) offers a three-wine package of the 2003,2008 and 2012 Highliner Pinot Noir.
One has a hitching post; the other has a pitching host.
On the edge of town a mule tethered to a hitching post tried to lick my camera and I passed a weathered old tortoise out for a leisurely stroll.
What about the ol' hitching post? For the uninitiated, a hitching post was a fixture to which a rider would tie his or her horse so it wouldn't wander off.
With its linear structure, nostalgic glow and distinct lack of surprises, Secretariat seems to have wandered into cinemas after leaving its TV movie hitching post.
They also claim that the Western Wall, the remaining outer wall surrounding the ancient Temple courtyard, really was a hitching post for the horse of the prophet Mohammed.
There had been a time when the older boys came to school on horseback, hitching their horses to a hitching post. Out in the yard too there was a cave where the children could be safe during a cyclone.
As you look to the year ahead, consider your New Year's resolution not as a hitching post, but as a guidepost.
It was always quite a sight to see trucks and tractors hooked up to a hitching post with their cords plugged into the hitching post outlets.
OLIVER Cromwell's historic hitching post is at the centre of a Llandaff pub dispute.
Dogma is a signpost, not a hitching post. 'God is love' means that purity of doctrine is second to the integrity of love." In the same sermon, he expresses the fullness of the social gospel when he muses, "That Christians could better the lot of humanity, even save the world, goes without saying.