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travel by getting free rides from motorists


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As the following sections present, the Highway of Tears provides an evocative space of intersection between the dominance of automobility, and race/ gender constructs of Indigenous women who hitchhike.
It was designed to have a sense of direction, has a GPS system and its right arm was permanently fixed in a hitchhike position.
We need rail station for Airbus, help for those who hitchhike NORTH Wales must have a modern transport system, MPs argued in Westminster yesterday.
"Mum and me would get the bus and dad would hitchhike wherever we were going.
So half joking I said, 'Well, all I can do is hitchhike'.
They hitchhike on people, which is how they find themselves in public places like schools.
Hooking up with a man named Ken-Adi that he met in a laundromat, Richard and his new friend decide to hitchhike to San Francisco on a trip that takes on the qualities of a spiritual quest.
However, an experiment with a common moss species shows that sperm hitchhike on mites and tiny insects, says Nils Cronberg of Lund University in Sweden.
In his eagerness to look through the battered chest, Sky misses his school bus and has to hitchhike to school--only to spy a double of himself, and find that the teacher thinks he is already in class.
I tried to hitchhike out of town but I was convinced that the eight-track player I was carrying around was holding me back, so I walked off the highway a bit to take a nap.
Scientists have also observed snails that hitchhike by sticking to ducks' feet and eggs of tiny brine shrimp and other water animals that survive in bird guts.
Best/Worst Jobs: "Worst job: Picking tobacco leaves on a farm in Southern Ontario, Canada, as an 18-year-old university student's summer job; though it gave me the exciting opportunity to hitchhike coast-to-coast across North America.
One of his friends took his bike back to Britain, and Nowell set out with no money to hitchhike to Switzerland.
For architects, the urge to hitchhike has been especially strong.