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Soto also hit the roof in Thursday's warmup game against the Yomiuri Giants.
The shell hit the roof, and then fell into the room.
Earlier, thethe Police Command told SANA that arocket shell fired by terrorists hit the roof of a house in al-Joura alley in the residential area of Bab Touma which is located in the Old City, causing significant material damage to the house but no injuries.
"When they installed bungee ropes in the church tower the bell ringers hit the roof" - Ken Dodd.
Jette's Volvo first struck a snowbank then rolled into the pole, which hit the roof, trapping him inside, though he is believed to have died instantly.
The airman was flung out of the cockpit and he hit the roof of the hangar, sources said.
Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said in a statement that the plane must have collided with clouds due to turbulence and Rawat's belt was not tied so his head hit the roof.
Rumors had it that Jihan had hit the roof over her hubby's little confession, but she posted a picture confirming that she really isn't bothered by the entire thing!
It's thought a bolt of lightning hit the roof at about 6pm, starting a blaze which ripped through a top-floor flat.
As panic levels hit the roof, she sees an abandoned phone in a bin.
Summary: The last-minute scramble to get tickets for the Olympics has "hit the roof", London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton has admitted.
When I saw the preview I hit the roof, and you can see in the programme (fellow Thin Lizzy) member Brian Robertson also hitting the roof.
"But when Amy mentioned her baby ambition to her mother Janis this week, she hit the roof. Janis thinks it's the worst possible thing for her to do and it will ruin her life.
The airplane hit the roof of an office building with its right wing tip, and struck the side of the north facing wall before falling into a parking lot.