hit the jackpot

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9bn How much Lotto sales have raised for good causes in past three decades 1,738 jackpots have been won with 745 of these exceeding [euro]1million 1988 Year the very first Lotto draw took place on Saturday April 16 572 players in Dublin have hit the jackpot, winning more than [euro]856million [euro]18.
Two weeks after they hit the jackpot in March 1986, they hadn't touched a penny of their pounds 101,000 winnings.
The West Yorkshire man hit the jackpot with a pounds 5,000 bond he bought last October.
We ask nothing in return and periodically, we hit the jackpot by having a patient come back to us and say, "Thank you, I can't tell you how happy I am with my smile.
Darren Nash and his wife, Gabrielle, both aged 34, hit the jackpot after choosing the same numbers every Saturday for 11 years.
Even those who buy stacks of tickets weekly for years are more likely to be hit by lightning twice than hit the jackpot.
NEW BEN & JERRY'S FLAVORS: Ben & Jerry's has hit the jackpot with the introduction of their six new flavors this summer, which tasters found tempting, delicious and fabulous for cooling down on a sweltering day or anytime.
America Latina Logistica (ALL), a transportation company operating in southern Brazil and Argentina, hit the jackpot in July when it raised US$173 million on the Bovespa, the Sao Paulo stock exchange.
THREE winners hit the jackpot to win pounds 935, 110 each last night.
For a man with no formal training as an actor, Carney hit the jackpot when he won an Oscar in 1974 for his portrayal of an old man traveling the country with his pet cat in Harry and Tonto.
TEENAGE Leeds star Aaron Lennon has hit the jackpot at Elland Road after being offered a bumper pay rise - but will have to wait until next year before he can start splashing the cash.
The organizers of the fourth annual Agricultural Publications Summit (APS) invite agrimarketers and publication professionals alike to hit the jackpot, literally and figuratively, at this year's conference in Reno, Nev.
hit the jackpot when his personal computer established that the 909,526-digit number [2.