hit the dirt

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fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger


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One bullet segment had hit the dirt behind the target and ricocheted 90 degrees to the left and landed about 30 feet from the target, where it was later accidentally discovered.
He wants to hit the dirt when he is nearly even with the front edge of the base.
NAW's all-new White-tail Power Rankings are providing week-by-week updates as the big bucks hit the dirt this fall.
Reflecting on what happened before he hit the dirt, Amonte added: "I was riding a filly that comes from way back and makes one big run and that's what she did, but the winner was just too far in front and wasn't coming back."
A schedule packed with activities for those looking to hit the dirt instead of the tarmac will be a feature of Carole Nash Motorcyle Live at Birmingham's NEC.
An airbus jet of the Azerbaijan Airlines, which was about to conclude the Baku Istanbul flight with its 121 passengers, hit the dirt after it landed on runway 5-25.
They don't have an option on a weekday, but come Saturday and they all hit the dirt track on their bicycles.
London, July 20 (ANI): Peter Andre's pop comeback hit the dirt with a thud after he reportedly took a tumble off the stage.
However, building permits rose at a slower rate, only 3%, which means actual shovels may be slow to hit the dirt.
Walking in the ditch with little cover, with German shells coming in upon us, we hit the dirt because one round was going to be close.
Although the money changing hands is massive, the biggest change is that Heather's public image has hit the dirt once and for all.
Adventurer Karl Steadman, 15, from Jar-row, says he can't wait to hit the dirt tracks.
I was short and fast, I could hit the dirt, dig myself into dirt, my
Joshua Breland raised his own gun as his father yelled, "Hit the ground or die." The interloper, wisely choosing the first option, lowered his gun and hit the dirt while his accomplice, crawling on his belly, re-emerged from the woods and also surrendered.