hit the deck

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fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger


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"I've been working on swinging the ball, getting that swing back into the right-handers, but if the swing's not there, I generally try to hit the deck hard," he said.
Poole managed to stay ahead until the final break but justice was done as Jensen hit the deck.
Other shows featured the tap dancing of Ruby Keeler (Lucky) and the Charleston (Hit the Deck).
Gaco hit the deck with 1:35 remaining in the game after he collided with Falcons big man Papi Sarr.
Jakob Fuglsang - fifth overall - hit the deck along with team-mate Dario Cataldo.
Referee Marcus McDonnell stepped in to stop the contest 2min 35sec into round four after Doran hit the deck for a third time in the round.
Maddison's dismissal was particularly controversial - booked for diving when (to Steven Pressley's way of thinking) he had been pulled back in the box by Richie Wellens, he was then punished for a midfield foul on the aforementioned veteran, a man who has never knowingly stayed on his feet when an opportunity arises to hit the deck!
??There were fallers aplenty on heavy ground at Chepstow and Wild West Wind (hit 1.6), The Gipper (1.27), Dawson City (1.4) and Murrayana (1.2) all hit the deck when apparently in control on a tough day for in-running backers at the Welsh course.
"At that point I thought I should hit the deck. At the time I was thinking 'Please don't shoot anyone'.
Volunteers hit the deck to help a South Wales charity.
Charlotte looking stunning on arrival at the Collection club in Knightsbridge at 10.15pm but needed a helping hand when she hit the deck outside Boujis at 1.30am.
Maybe van Nistelrooy is willing to hit the deck quicker than a blown-up chimney stack but he hits the back of the net even more - and that's what infuriates those attempting to outdo him.
The stunning beauty hit the deck outside a top celebrity party this weekend and ended up feeling a little undie the weather.
The seven-year-old was three lengths down in second place when the leader I'm Maggy hit the penultimate fence really hard, slipped as she tried to recover on landing and hit the deck.