hit the ceiling

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When we fought in the washroom, the bag flew and hit the ceiling.
Gilas Pilipinas' popularity hit the ceiling following its stunning performance in the FIBA World Cup.
HOUSE sellers' asking prices have come "off the boil" amid signs that property values in some parts of London have hit the ceiling of what buyers can afford to pay, a property website has reported.
Sam Hepple, 24, from Crawford Place, Whitley Bay in North Tyneside left his e-cigarette on charge and unattended when it launched into the air, hit the ceiling of his home and started a fire on the bedroom floor.
When he returned he found the battery had launched into the air, hit the ceiling of his home and started a fire on the bedroom floor and burnt through his floorboards.
The Cumbrian side play in the eighth tier of English football and Williams feared his career had hit the ceiling when the roof caved in - literally - against a side called Prescot Cables.
Another went into the building and hit the ceiling showering her with gunpowder.
The eight-year-old, who is owned and trained by Donald Whillans, and was ridden by his son Callum, hit the ceiling price of 1,000 in running on Betfair.
Resynching by jarring is familiar to everyone who has ever whacked a flickering analog TV to get it to synch or hit the ceiling near a fluorescent light in the hope that its ballast starts buzzing.
India is recognized as one of the fastest expanding markets in regards to population and disposable income, as an outcome, the country's retail brokerage is ready to hit the ceiling.
More surprising, perhaps, is that the box office receipts hit the ceiling.
Have you ever hit the ceiling of complexity where you are not able to increase your gross revenue or your bottom line?
Without measures to limit the borrowing it is expected that the debt limit will hit the ceiling by December 31.
The effect on the pilot is that s/he goes forward and up, and may hit the ceiling before the restraint lap belt and shoulder harness pulls back and down.
The cooking oil price exceeded 90 denars per liter, an egg price is approaching 9 denars, as flour, bread, sugar, meat, delicatessen, pastry, confectionery products and personal hygiene products are only some of the products whose prices are rising on a daily basis at a 2-digit rate and are expected to hit the ceiling in September when they are expected to go further up by 10-30 percent as a result of the higher energy prices, the global shortage of food and the adverse agriculture yields.