hit the books

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I will be sitting to hit the books remember my clean
LEWIS HAMILTON is ready to hit the books over the next few days in a bid to get an edge on Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.
Paul Hart, however, hit the books under his own roof by smuggling a grenade (albeit a diffused one) into his grade school.
Though we are hoping such a ridiculous prohibition could not possibly become a reality, we hit the books to find out what U.
The mandate, partially an outgrowth of the sex-abuse scandal at Penn State University, is one of 14 new laws that hit the books in Oregon when the 2013 began.
But I did have to hit the books and brush up on my Irish history.
I attend a Greek language course and the grammar is pretty tough so I'll need to hit the books and get some practice in with my mother-in-law while she's here.
Please stay focused on your career, hit the books, and prepare for that upcoming advancement examination
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