hit squad

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a team of assassins

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?The Scottish Hit Squad claim they are the only gym in Scotland to train male fighters from zero experience to the big promotions UFC and Bellator.
Colonel Awan said that Belgium had set up the hit squad and made Asif alias Pasha, who had served in the party' different sectors, as in-charge of the group.
earlier said the creation of a hit squad is not part of the job of the police force.
The scheming duo had hired a 4-man hit squad to do away with Krishna Kumar by running a car over him.
The "Saudi 15" hit squad included a key member of his entourage.
Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday faced calls to end Saudi arms deals after reports that four of the alleged hit squad joined Saudi rulers on an official visit to Britain earlier this year.
While he has no pedigree in international matches save for the inaugural India International Open boxing tournament in January, Agina may pull a surprise in his debut "Club" Games.Agina is aware he is facing hardened opponents and is looking forward to his first ever Commonwealth as a member of the fabled "Hit Squad" with a lot of renewed confidence.
The national boxing team 'Hit Squad' has been invited to participate in a Four Nations training-cum-tournament camp in Cuba ahead of the April's Commonwealth Games slated for Gold Coast Australia.
"Jewish Hit Squad: Armja Krajowa Jewish Raid Unit Partisans" is about a small band of fighters who not only tried to survive German brutality during WWII, but actively fought back against the Nazis.
The "Hit Squad" has arrived, in a crude attempt to bully jobseekers off benefit before May's General Election.
Later in the episode, Thompson's hit squad goes after Salvatore Maranzano, who was called the Capo di Tutti Capithe boss of all bossesin an attempt to cut a deal with Lansky and Luciano.
6 ( ANI ): Princess Diana's death in the 1997 Paris car crash was planned and carried out by a top secret 'spy hit squad', known by the codename UK/N, it has been revealed.
'HIT SQUAD' cleaners are being employed to jump on buses at Pool Meadow bus station and give the vehicle a once-over before it continues on its journey.