hit squad

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a team of assassins

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The Kenya team is scheduled to begin their final phase of preparations at Madison Square Garden, Nakuru, which is synonymous with Kenya's world beaters among them Philip Waruinge, who is one of the greatest boxers to have represented the Hit Squad.
We're in the Hit Squad gym freezing whatever temperature it is outside, it's two degrees colder in that gym.
Carol Whyte, prosecuting, said: "The accused believed he could hear voices and that a hit squad were looking to kill him.
Other unnamed members of the Colina Group had their sentences cut from 20 years to 17 years, said Stein, who stated that the hit squad s crimes "were against human rights but not part of a widespread attack against civilians.
The Medusa Project: Hit Squad by Sophie McKenzie, pounds 6.
The hit squad, which Dubai police believe was from Israeli spy agency Mossad, was found to have used 26 doctored foreign passports, sparking diplomatic fallout not only with Germany but also Australia, Britain, France and Ireland.
According to Der Spiegel, the suspect, identified as Uri Brodsky, was arrested this month on arrival at Warsaw airport on suspicion that he helped a member of the hit squad obtain a German passport in June last year.
Summary: Britain has asked for an Israeli diplomat to be withdrawn from the UK following the use of cloned British passports by a Mossad hit squad.
Foreign Secretary and South Shields MP David Miliband announced that a diplomat was being expelled yesterday as he condemned Tel Aviv's "intolerable" actions in cloning documents allegedly carried by the hit squad that assassinated Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.
Other members of the hit squad travelled on fake Irish, French and Australian travel documents, Dubai police said.
lt;p>The Dubai authorities initially said three members of the suspected hit squad which killed Mahmud al-Mabhuh last month were carrying Irish passports, then another two were revealed to have been used.
Dubai police appealed Tuesday for an international manhunt after releasing names and photos of the alleged 11-member European hit squad accused of killing Mabhouh, who was slain in a luxury Dubai hotel on Jan.
Seldom can a hit squad have carriedout an assassination in front of so many cameras
Dubai police have revealed that cloned passports belonging to six British Israelis and three Irish citizens were among 11 European identity papers used by a hit squad who allegedly killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Gulf state last month.
MEMBERS of a suspected hit squad blamed for the assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai used fake British and Irish passports, it emerged last night.