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A second round casualty in the Irish Laurels last month, Graham brought Dotland Hit Man back to the boil with a very easy open success at Shelbourne Park just before sending him back.
In a nutshell: Agreeably witty pulp starring Pierce Brosnan as a boorish, burned-out hit man whose unlikely alliance with a suburban doofus (Greg Kinnear) has an even more unlikely effect on the two.
New York based New Amsterdam initially optioned HIT MAN and Rubinstein brought the novel to the attention of all connected to the project.
Sarchian, a 6-foot-1, 200-pound actor who once played a hit man on the daytime drama ``General Hospital,'' also used the punch-athon to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, named for the bicyclist who survived testicular cancer to win the Tour de France.
The agreement covers films including "The Thief," the Academy Award(R)-nominated Russian-language film, which has already grossed more than $1,000,000 at the box office; "One Tough Cop," starring Stephen Baldwin, Chris Penn, Gina Gershon, Mike McGlone and Amy Irving, and based on the true-life story of New York City Detective Bo Dietel; "Hideous Kinky," starring Academy Award(R)-nominated actress Kate Winslett as a young mother trying to leave a religious cult, and directed by Jane Campion; and Adam Bernstein's "Six Ways to Sunday," the story of a hit man for the Jewish mob, starring Norman Reedus, Adrien Brody and Deborah Harry.
Sarchian, a 6-foot-1, 200-pound actor who once played a hit man on the daytime drama ``General Hospital,'' was an amateur karate full-contact fighter in Seattle, until a roundhouse kick from his competitor broke his nose and ended his career in 1995.
The plan allegedly called for the informant to provide a hit man who would kill King's ex-wife's parents, and their money and jewelry would be stolen and used to finance the rest of the murders.
Stoic Japanese singer Takashi Sorimachi plays O, a stoic Japanese hit man who freely wanders all over the Pacific Rim (how he gets all those weapons on airliners is never explained) killing people for money and buying Snoopy figurines.
a workaday hit man who dotes on Jenny (Katherine Micheaux Miller), the young daughter of his girlfriend, Maggie (Kathy Baker).
Turned out the man who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a savage mafia hit man in the 1990 hit film ``Goodfellas'' was a pussycat.
Perdition'' stars Tom Hanks as Michael Sullivan, an Illinois hit man in 1931 for a powerful Irish mob boss, John Rooney (Paul Newman).
In Conor McPherson's ``The Good Thief,'' an exquisitely rendered one-act being staged at the Court Theatre, James plays a good-hearted Irish hit man reflecting on a memorably botched assignment.
HIT Man Pete Waterman has revealed his struggles to propel Kylie Minogue to success.
Mayor Raul Palino, of Teresa town, Rizal, sought a 'revalidation' of President Rodrigo Duterte's list of local officials involved in drugs after a suspected drug hit man was found in possession of the mayor's picture and those of six other officials of the town.