hit home

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refer to or be relevant or familiar to

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But before the break Brian Morgan hit home from close range.
Chasetown clawed their way back on 37 minutes when Barton goalkeeper Martin Patching was beaten by Nick Hawkins who hit home a wind-assisted free-kick.
In the case of Isaac Spencer, a member of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and Sebastian Gehrke, a soloist with Ballet Nurnberg in Germany, the reality of a long- (as in really long) distance relationship hit home much too quickly.
that appeared in the Letterbox of the December 2003 issue of MODERN CASTING hit home hard.
William Norman Grigg's article "When Child-snatchers Attack" (THE NEW AMERICAN, August 11th issue) hit home.
Yeager posits that the engorged arms, chests, and shoulders of today's ballplayers could well be the result of steroid use--but that they aren't helping them hit home runs.
Your industry sources are always very knowledgeable, and the timely topics repeatedly hit home, addressing many of the issues my clients grapple with every day.
I am not by nature a pessimist and certainly not an ascetic, but these words hit home in ways that were unimaginable just a short while ago, as the shades of people I did not know and of one artist I knew slightly added themselves to those of friends who have died of AIDS and others who have been forced to deal urgently with time's preciousness and the ir control over its expenditure.
The articles on webcasting and teleconferencing really hit home.
Dickey has unwittingly become an expert at writing stories that seem to hit home with readers by highlighting issues that always seem to infiltrate even the most sexually fulfilling relationship.
Charley took the criticism poorly and at the time of his death he was writing a book on how to hit home runs with the Lau approach.