hit home

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refer to or be relevant or familiar to

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But before the break Brian Morgan hit home from close range.
" As a young bloke at 16, I think that's when it hit home that this was pretty serious.
It all looked so different when Watford new boys Craig Forsyth and Mark yeates hit home on their debuts for Hornets' new boss Sean Dyche - to leave Burnley's fans in despair.
Brett Ormerod deservedly levelled in first-half stoppage time when he hit home from close range and Jason Euell secured the three points for the home side, smashing in a loose ball midway through the second period.
"I met Tony Daley, Dwight Yorke, Dalian Atkinson and some real old-school people and it just hit home when the kids mentioned it.
09) Gary March's story about his AWS (American Water Spaniel) really hit home.
This was almost twice the damage suffered by the wider UK beer market, which fell 5.1 per cent in 2008 as a worsening economy, alcohol duty hikes, and a poor summer hit home.
Glenrothes levelled five minutes later when Shaun King's cross was hit home by Gregg Meikle.
I have found their advice helpful in the past, but this month, it really hit home for me.
The article "Balancing Passion and Self-Control," in the September 2006 issue (Powerplay) really hit home. I'm working toward my bachelor's, and I fight with myself all the time, trying to figure out if I want to stick with my major because I get such negativity from family and friends.
The article "Welcome to the Gayborhood" really hit home. Thanks for your magazine--I look forward to its arrival.
Radio Jamaica described her as "a very determined, firebrand politician who really hit home when it comes to the majority of the people."
But the signs that hit home the hardest were aimed at James Sensenbrenner, the Congressman from the Milwaukee area who sponsored the bill that would turn undocumented immigrants into felons.
For the general public, this medical science gap usually doesn't hit home until someone in the family develops a disease, or the message gets across from one of the research advocacy agencies, like Research America.
"Many of us in the NFL search for ways to allow the popularity of our sport to have a wider and even more significant impact on our world, and 'GIs of the Gridiron' hit home."