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Synonyms for histrionics

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for histrionics

a deliberate display of emotion for effect

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Or making loud noises, coughing at inappropriate moments, all sorts of silly histrionics.
At the opposite end of the spectrum from such histrionics, in the more refined environs of the Tate Gallery Liverpool, were works like Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky's fifteen-minute video of everyday objects tossing in the wind on a New York street and Ceal Floyer's low-key projection of a ball that appears to bounce repeatedly against a wall and the floor.
It burst out splendidly in the Liszt paraphrases which concluded each half of his Church Stretton Festival recital: Wagner's 'Liebestod' from Tristan und Isolde, a triumph of poetry over keyboard histrionics, and Verdi's Rigoletto, a pianistic roller-coaster ridden with supreme confidence, and every bit the jolly romp Bebbington had wryly described as hovering somewhere between good and bad taste.
But even Dickie believes Kiwi Bowden oversteps the mark by a long way with his histrionics on the field.
White Hart Lane was the home of football's most famous cry baby, Paul Gascoigne, at the time of his Italia 1990 histrionics and more waterworks could be on the way after Spurs splashed out on lanky Polish striker Grzegorz Rasiak.
A Modern Ecstasy'' isn't composed of histrionics, quick changes, multiple voices or ``look at me'' mannerisms.
Gravesen has become increasingly frustrated by the histrionics on show from some of La Liga's flamboyant latin players.
Flores made it difficult for Webb to understand what had really happened with his histrionics and his play-acting.
Don't think: Couldn't the narrator, with his melodramatically accented whispers, dial down the histrionics a notch or two or five?
Schubert provided the only items not in English, including Partridge's vividly communicative Die Forelle and an Ihr Bild which managed to convey the music's many-layered grief with no hint of histrionics.
To the Baroque histrionics of neo-Expressionism, Tuttle answered with sometimes extravagant Rococo refinement.
Some of the model work is kind of cheesy, though - and naturally earthquakes have long been depicted on film by shaky cameras, which might confuse people who watched Delaney on ``NYPD Blue'' and therefore are accustomed to such stomach-churning histrionics.
No doubt about it, for histrionics, Danniella Westbrook is running away with it.
THE timely and long overdue intervention from the Jockey Club regarding the acrobatic histrionics of some of our jockeys when celebrating a win is most welcome.
Their histrionics, straight out of the 1940s, are mitigated by their sincerity and absolute commitment to the material, As Spessivtseva (or the "Ballerina," as she is called in the program), Elena Kuzmina plays the mad scenes with searing pathos and the love scenes with great rushes of passion; she has a gift for the grand gesture, for the sweep of a skirt or the billow of a scarf, for heightening the theatricality of even trivial events.