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Synonyms for histrionics

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for histrionics

a deliberate display of emotion for effect

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With Justin there were no histrionics on the touchline, no bad blood, regardless of the result Graham Alexander
Golightly (not a pseudonym) is an even-keeled singer here, conveying passion, frustration and even menace without unnecessary histrionics.
Moreover, personality disorder renders the treatment of a co-existing psychiatric or medical condition more com plex, longer and less li kely to be successful.5 ICD-10 divides personality disorders into 9 subtypes i.e., paranoid, schizoid, dissocial, emotionally unstable - impulsive type, emotionally unstable-borderline type, histrionics, anxious (avoidant), anankastic and dependent personality disorders.2
Matching him in histrionics is Gulshan Devaiah as the human rights activist and Kuldip's defence lawyer Pradyuman Shahpuri.
Summary: Washington DC [United States], Jan 6 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump, in a public defence of his histrionics, on Saturday, went on a Twitter spree, branding himself as a "very stable genius."
And remember, dear reader, to open the bottle correctly - no Grand Prix histrionics.
But this is biographical melodrama in a Ken Russell-esque mode of over-the-top histrionics, albeit without that late helmer's distinctive visuals or touch of directorial madness; it's hectic, unsubtle, borderline cartoonish.
City fans with long memories will bear a grudge for his 2010 contribution at the Ricoh when Norwich histrionics saw Aron Gunnarsson sent-off for a nothing-special tackle on Henri Lansbury before Grant Holt briefly took a break from falling over to sandwich Marlon King's strike and earn the Canaries their 2-1 victory.
I kissed a girl and I liked it Madonna has a pop at rapper Drake over his histrionics following their on-stage snog When she breathed in, it sounded like castanets Actor Rupert Everett remembers his chainsmoking friend Princess Margaret with fondness
FIXURLIFEUP and the recent single PretzelBodyLogic show Prince still loves guitars, if not space bars, and for fans of his axe histrionics it's great to let go with some wild axe solos again.
Not a great deal happens for the first hour aside from some overdone family histrionics, but things explode into life in the second half, culminating in a breathless heist in New York's Central Station that's bound to get your pulse racing.
Not a great deal happens for the first hour, aside from some overdone family histrionics but things explode into life in the second half, culminating in a breathless heist in New York's Central Station that's bound to get your pulse racing.
Whatever you think of his bolshy histrionics, he could make you laugh.
Matosevic has a cult following in Australia, largely because of his tendency for on-court histrionics, and asked if 'Mad Dog' was a good description, Murray said: "From the time I have spent with him, I'd say that's a good name for him.
As for "history lectures", with today's information technology most of us have the wear for all to differentiate between true historic record and blind histrionics.