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Synonyms for histrionics

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for histrionics

a deliberate display of emotion for effect

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Washington DC [United States], Jan 6 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump, in a public defence of his histrionics, on Saturday, went on a Twitter spree, branding himself as a "very stable genius.
And remember dear reader, to open the bottle correctly - no Grand Prix histrionics
As for "history lectures", with today's information technology most of us have the wear for all to differentiate between true historic record and blind histrionics.
She has watched the histrionics of the man who shot her daughter with a face devoid of emotion, determined not to show one scrap of sympathy in case it eases his pain.
It goes to the credit of his prodigious histrionics that he was the most dreaded villain on screen, and yet transformed himself into a great character artist.
At 52, madly in love with a chap 15 years her junior, she's trying too hard, possibly because she thinks anything but manic action and histrionics will bore her lover.
SRK, no doubt, hopes this trip goes off without the drama and histrionics of his last visit to States.
Well it's not surprising really given that the show's been running now since 2004 and, change of formats and judging line-ups aside, the woefully predictable and increasingly sniggersome histrionics of each successive wave of wannabes has long-since started to grate.
Billed as a bizarre journey of a mismatched couple who are travelling to Delhi together, the film seems to be banking heavily on the acting histrionics of the leading pair.
HE SURPRISED many with his histrionics in his debut film Band Baaja Baaraat and newbie actor Ranveer Singh became the talk of the town.
More deserving than the 2005 award, for his exaggerated, overwrought and unconvincing histrionics in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black.
That is precisely why Admiral Rous's ingenious scale has stood the test of time, and will continue to stand, despite the misguided histrionics of inveterate modernists.
Histrionics of the final act skirt perilously close to laughable, as rage simmering beneath the surface explodes with lashings of blood.
She avoids cheesy histrionics in her Yolky pop, the better to illuminate the details in her vivid tales of separation and longing.
Hungarian soprano Eszter Sumegi returned from her 2003 assumption of the title role, less indebted this time to silent screen histrionics, to sing a fine "Vissi d'arte" midway through hot pursuit by the veteran, still-potent Scarpia of British baritone Alan Opie.