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a school of 19th century German economists and legal philosophers who tried to explain modern economic systems in evolutionary or historical terms

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However confused certain members of the German historical school may have been in the categories of their analyses, the content of purposes mattered to them.
Conservative compared to the more Marxist social democrats, the Historical School nonetheless had an explicitly "collectivist" vision of the state.
Citrus County, invites interested parties to submit a Bid to install a new HVAC system as per Scope of Services (Exhibit A) and plans/specifications (Exhibit B) for the Hernando Historical School.
The Historical School faded from the jurisprudential scene around
As noted, a distinctive characteristic of Hayek's view of common law is its distinctive tie to the historical school of jurisprudence.
It can be seen here in the late 1940's with its tranquillity then, few steps from the famous historical school Sindh Madrasah where father of nation, M.
One of the many strengths of the book is that it helps us to see the relationship between fields such as German Idealism and Romanticism, the incipient anthropology of Herder and Humboldt, and Savigny's historical school of law in a new light.
In Ely's lectures, political economy was divided into three schools of thought: the classical school, which reasoned from a priori first principles; the historical school, which relied on the use of statistics and history; and the socialists, who, he said, formed a distinct school (Wilson Papers 1966-74, 2:506).
I want to spend a moment on how the Kantian antinomies played out in the famous Methodenstreit (dispute over methodology) that occurred in the 1880s between the German Historical School, as represented by Gustav Schmoller, and the burgeoning neoclassical movement, as represented by the Austrian economist Carl Menger.
In the vast majority of scholarly legal circles, positivism and natural law are viewed as irreconcilable, while the historical school is usually completely ignored.
He said entering Dianellio, he was excited about visiting such a historical school.
Hence, what accounts for why the historical school of jurisprudence is different from positivism or realism could be the way concepts are formed, adopted and framed into the universe of law?
Petersburg has also found imitators at universities elsewhere in the former Russian empire--for example, Kiev (as we see in a recent study)," to the point where today's Russian academic landscape tends to break up explicitly into a series of "schools" that are often given a degree of weight as though they resembled, say, the historical school of Gottingen or the "positivist" ecole methodique in France.
Keynes but also with the German Historical School of economics, the Austro-Marxists, and the Vienna Circle positivists.
There was, of course, no historical school of thought or movement tied to the so-called monarchomaques.
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