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writing having historical value (as opposed to fiction or myth etc

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"If, on the other hand, you say, 'This is based on a historical record,' that's going to nail down the range of possibilities.
People in Middlesbrough are being invited to be part of a town photograph, which will serve as an historical record showing future generations what the town and its people were like in 2012.
The company said that new product capabilities include free storage and sharing for historical records, iPhone and Android applications and the new Discovery Stream.
Historical records of BTPDs in Tarrant, Smith, Fayette, and Bexar Counties were classified as relocations (Cottam & Caroline 1965: Fig.
1 : something written to give proof of something or tell about past events <I read the historical record.>
December temperatures for all years in the historical record ...
The main commentary proceeds chapter by chapter, from 1 Chronicles 1 to 2 Chronicles 36, condensing the essence of Biblical text into plain terms accessible to lay readers of all backgrounds, at times drawing upon historical record to fill in the gaps.
This work, largely done by the newly established Army Signal Corps Photographic Section, was intended to provide military intelligence, a historical record, and educational and propaganda materials.
A record check was done, but it was not extensive enough to detect the historical record. A staff visit to the home did not find any obvious evidence of maltreatment at the time.
Professor Kovach argues that archaeology can play an important role in extending the historical record of seismicity.
You'll find it handy to write the PN of the objective lens assemblies on the historical record for each ANVIS to track them.
While the project relies on a deliberate blurring of fact and fiction, historical record and self-conscious mythmaking, we are at least fairly certain that Christiania--however unlikely it is sometimes made to seem--is a real place.
The article is an important and timely historical record of each step in the fight to defeat Bill C 38 (SSM).
The contributions of women prior to the nineteenth century have been notoriously difficult to uncover in the historical record. Legal and governmental documents from the medieval and early modern period tend to concentrate on men, as they controlled church and governmental policies, made laws, and passed inheritances from father to son.
Community-based oral history projects can engage students in historical events and methodology, foster community-school partnerships, and enlarge the historical record. [1] However, if students lack the skills necessary to conduct ethical, technically proficient interviews, community-based projects can reduce civic engagement, undermine community-school partnerships, and only minimally enlarge the historical record with substandard materials.
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