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writing having historical value (as opposed to fiction or myth etc

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The company said that new product capabilities include free storage and sharing for historical records, iPhone and Android applications and the new Discovery Stream.
1] However, if students lack the skills necessary to conduct ethical, technically proficient interviews, community-based projects can reduce civic engagement, undermine community-school partnerships, and only minimally enlarge the historical record with substandard materials.
On the other hand, they use the historical record to draw interesting lessons for contemporary debates on Social Security by emphasizing the role of political struggle and policy instability in the history of public pensions.
But if history has put them on the same chessboard, it's Donoghue--out author of the best-selling Slammerkin--who pushes them toward and away from each other for our benefit, skillfully teasing out the possibilities between Damer and Farren from only the slightest hints in the historical record.
O'Neil proceeds carefully and ably, but her job of resurrecting Baglione's "artistic reputation" is made easy by his sheer success as found in the historical record.
Indeed, the legal and historical record does not include significant and meaningful references to the Ten Commandments, the Pentateuch or to biblical law generally.
In the first half of the study, which concentrates on African American literature, Rody reads Toni Morrison's Beloved as the paradigmatic example of how contemporary women authors have created an archetypical and allegorical magic black daughter" (Rody's term) who transcends time to reclaim a matrilineage that has been lost or warped due to the exclusion of black women from the historical record.
Despite the questions of concern, Booth's volume provides an instructive balance to the historical record for the formation of a major Baptist body.
The analog approach was used to locate stations that have sufficient modern data and have operated during the recent past (1948-present) in locations that are comparable to the locations in the historical record.
But "Mind" scribe Akiva Goldsman says the historical record on Nash -- who dropped off the radar for years -- is especially elusive.
That is a loss for freelance writers because their articles will be removed from the historical record.
She also has enabled a group of women from a passing generation to place themselves, and the meaning life has held for them, into the historical record.
Prendergast has filled a major gap in the historical record.
Maintaining a historical record of the way space was used in the past is very useful for planning for future space requirements.
The captions are adapted from those he wrote for Icons & Idols; along with serving as a historical record, these comments contain, as a bonus, his personal memory of the making of each photograph.
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