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an era of history having some distinctive feature

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At the end of the conference, an exhibition was opened in cooperation with Directorate of Baihaqi Publishers and were put pictures, newspapers of the countrys historic periods and works and artifacts of Afghanistan media organizations.
corn price volatility from 43 percent in the historic period (1980-2000) to 177 percent in the future period (2020-40).
Colquitt announced today: "It has been an honour and a privilege to be involved at such an historic period of the club's history.
She said the two films examine the same historic period from distinct points of view.
You headed the Kyrgyz Republic in a difficult historic period, you assumed responsibility for crucial political decisions.
We continue to do that in an hourly fashion, we are sharing best practices, and we have entered into a historic period between the United States and India in counter-terrorism cooperation, security partnership and as global relationship to take on groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba," he added.
The responsive reader suffers vicariously first the wretchedness of the historic period, then the hell-hole of the hulk to which the children are assigned after Elizabeth grabs a loaf of bread from a baker's cart.
Abdul-Rahman Siral-Khatim, said that the aim of the President Al-Bashir to Cairo is to affirm Sudan support to the Egyptian people under the current historic period in sister Egypt
The ministry conveyed good wishes to the new government which would undertake big responsibilities in a historic period when Iraq fully gained its sovereignty and integrated with the international community.
But what's important is that the Brotherhood is not just a TV series that tells a specific historic period.
Trails of 1885' is a conglomeration of sites, locations, festivals and events that explains the historic period of 1885, which is an important part of Canadian history that also played a part in creating the province of Saskatchewan.
Cronkite died on July 17, following nearly 20 years of giving the nightly news during a historic period in history when the nation brought a man to the moon, saw television broadcasts in color for the first time.
Bunting, "The Camera's Coast: Historic Images Of Ship And Shore In New England" is an impressive compilation of historic period photographs of the ships, communities, industries, advertisements, and people along the coastline of New England in the 19th and early 20th century.
In a congratulatory message to Abe, Wen said, ''Sino-Japanese relations are indeed undergoing an important, historic period,'' adding that ''developing good relations of neighborliness, friendship and cooperation will conform to the common interests of the two countries and two peoples and contribute to peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and eventually the world.
The bathroom furnishings are true to the historic period, though everything works.
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