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Singer Alex McLeish HISSY FIT 3 Zoe Alexander before she pushed a cameraman in a huff LOOKING Z GOOD Tulisa and Ashley on stage on tonight's show
There are some countries where Christians are still persecuted for their belief and I would not want the same thing to happen to people of other faiths in this country - but please stop these hissy fits if anyone dares to suggest being proud of our Christian belief.
After 20 weeks of auditions, boot camps, controversies, hissy fits, tears, laughter and little dances from host Dermot O'Leary, ITV1's juggernaut talent search shudders to a halt with the grand final.
HE came, he saw, he ate a few nasties without having a hissy fit, he wiped the floor with The Only Way Is Essex "star" Mark Wright (who?
Certain executives in certain employee brackets are throwing hissy fits at the trend that companies are now unwilling to offer sign-on bonuses to candidates in this post-slash-mid-recession era--investment banking and private equity executives, we're talking about you.
Anyway, it's suretobealaugh and make sure to get your bets in early on who's going to throw a hissy fit and leave in week one.
Hissy Fit Ffos Las acclaim The biggest success story of 2009 has surely got to be Ffos Las.
Miss Hissy, the mama cat, has the care of her kittens back and Elenore, the broody hen, is on a nest next door with a clutch of eggs.
The teen sensation claimed six surf boards, including best comedy TV show ('Hannah Montana'), comedy actress, music/dance movie actress, hissy fit, music single ('The Climb') and summer song ('Before the Storm').
Darlington duo Claire Hill (bass and vocals) and Sarah Wilson (drums and vocals) have been playing together for more than a decade and thrive on the backbone of pure drums and fuzz bass, samples, hissy fits and bleeps and original, attention grabbing vocals.
But when people said they wouldn't move she had a hissy fit and started screaming during the film and then refused to move.
PEOPLE with a phobia about snakes were able to sleep soundly last night after Missy Hissy was found five days after disappearing.
Sir Elton John is third for his hissy fits and acid tongue - accusing Madonna of miming on stage.
One rider threw what could only be termed a hissy fit when he picked himself up and realized that the mount that had thrown him had also trampled his hat for good measure.
The awards represent traditional categories such as "Choice Actor" and "Choice Actress" as well as quirkier categories such as "Choice Hissy Fit" and "Choice Liar.