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(of animals or plants) having stiff coarse hairs or bristles

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STRUCTURE: Antennal segment I elongate, slender, scattered with hispid tubercles, and clearly longer than maximum length of head (Fig.
Distribution and ecology of the hispid and least cotton rats in New Mexico.
Following a well documented spread through Kansas, the hispid cotton rat was first captured in Nebraska in 1958, in Richardson County (Jones 1964).
We caught one southern flying squirrel in eastern redcedar forest whereas we caught fulvous harvest mice, hispid cotton rats, and least shrews (Cryptotis parva) exclusively in unforested habitats.
Results--In 3,777 trap nights we captured 311 small mammals of five species (Table 1), listed in decreasing order of abundance: hispid cotton rat (S.
Although Peter's climbing rat and hispid cotton rat were represented in trapping and pellets, they showed inverse abundance patterns: we captured only one specimen of the former, and two of the latter.
Mexican spiny pocket mouse, white-footed mouse [Peromyscus leucopus] and hispid cotton rat [Sigmodon hispidus]) that were recaptured frequently enough to permit calculation of the Mean Maximum Distance Moved (MMDM).
Also, the perigynia of bog plants are, in general, longer and narrower than those of grassland plants; additionally, the perigynia of the former are smooth except sometimes sparingly hispidulous just beneath the beak, whereas those of the latter are distinctly appressed hispid above the middle of the perigynium.
Abstract: We investigated the swimming abilities of three Costa Rican dry forest rodents (Coues' rice rat, Oryzomys couesi, hispid cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus, and spiny pocket mouse, Liomys salvini) associated with a large marsh, Laguna Palo Verde, using 90 s swim trials in a plastic container.
lehmannii, which commonly has substrigose, hispid, or sericeous leaves and phyllaries; stems shortly pilose or hispid; and shorter, elliptic-ovate outer phyllaries.
During a radiotelemetry study of the hispid cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus), we documented five predation events by reptilian and avian predators.
Herbivorous rodents such as meadow voles and hispid cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus) dominate in grassy old fields; the latter is especially dominant throughout the southeastern United States (Cameron and Spencer, 1981).
The most common were deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus; n = 19), white-footed mice (P leucopus; n = 18), and hispid cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus; n = 11).
Virus, reservoir, state cases Year References Bayou, Marsh rice rat (Oryzomys palustris) Texas 4 1995, 1996, (18,20,21) 2001, 2007 Louisiana 1 1993 Black Creek Canal, Hispid cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus (19) Florida 1 1993 New York, White-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) (22,23) New York 2 1994, 1995 Monongahela, Deer mouse (P.
caricetorum (Greene) Fernald; Bristly or Hispid Buttercup, Swamp Buttercup; Floodplain woods, widespread; Abundant; C = 10; BSUH 17562, 17701.