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a union-operated placement office where jobs are allotted to applicants according to seniority or rotation

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Under federal regulations, when a union operates a hiring hall that refers employees to jobs with employers, both the labor organization and employers have reemployment obligations to returning service members.
They don't exist for the people we see now, the people who come in to apply for jobs through the Mission Hiring Hall.
And they're probably bound to various trade unions that require that they use people out of the local hiring hall.
The group's goal: to improve conditions for part-time faculty across the city by establishing minimum salaries, a benefits pool, and a hiring hall.
They may be documented or "undocumented" (illegal immigrant) farm workers, day laborers working under "shape-up" or (nonunion) hiring hall conditions, household help working solo or under a patron, or they may be former management-level employees "downsized" (laid off) and now working as "consultants" under contract (often exclusively for the same firm that laid them off, a matter of some concern to the Internal Revenue Service, which feels cheated out of payroll deductions).
Instead, jobs would be assigned by a hiring hall, with guaranteed seniority and hiring rights.
Second, the most serious declines in membership have occurred in unions that don't have the hiring hall, "clientistic" structure that Fitch deplores--that is, unions in the manufacturing sector.
In an early summer battle to shut down taxpayer funding for a hiring hall in Farmingville's neighboring Nassau County town of Farmingdale, Sachem argued that the influx of immigrants is "nothing short of an invasion.
The Fund uses a hiring hall for job placements, and employers now rely on the Fund to meet their personnel needs.
After receiving no-match letters, local contractors sent the union names of workers they would no longer accept from the hiring hall.
He claimed that the union, through the hiring hall practices of its business manager and business agent, had breached a duty of fair representation under the National Labor Relations Act(17) and improperly disciplined him under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.
As a result, the hiring hall was state controlled rather than union directed.
Long the "go-to guy" for indie bands seeking guidance and objectivity, Ferguson will continue his duties at Interscope while providing exclusive one-on-one career advice to MI students and grads via the school's Artist and Career Services Department, which also provides career support through its unique Hiring Hall talent showcase and extensive Musicians Referral database.
Contract notice: Hiring hall insurance, liability, property, vehicles.