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a freeze on hiring

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One of the items on the cost-curb list is a hiring freeze for many state agencies for the next two-year budget, lawmakers from both parties confirmed after Brown's announcement.
Kouyialis said though there had been a hiring freeze since 2011 in the broader public service, the forestry department was less affected than others.
Petri said Wyoming community colleges are not included in the governor's hiring freeze but many schools are voluntarily introducing similar measures.
Asa Hutchinson, meanwhile, said a hiring freeze he ordered when he took office in January has saved the state $2.
A hiring freeze isn't quite that, but it will help to the tune of $6.
In addition to the hiring freeze, system officials said they intend to redirect money set aside for positions that are currently open but not filled.
He said some 10,000 OFWs who worked in Taiwan in the past three years were due for a contract extension, but their employers were unable to do this because of the hiring freeze.
The last time Foxconn had a countrywide hiring freeze was in 2009, because the global financial crisis affected demand.
That's up from 19 per cent in the last BCI survey, but still means a hiring freeze is in place at 70 per cent of companies in Dubai.
Caption: 56% of companies have instituted a salary freeze and a hiring freeze since the economic crisis began.
At a special meeting, council approved the following measures: to restrict 2006 property tax increases to two per cent or less, implement a hiring freeze with no enhancements to city services, and a review of economic diversification issues.
Before the hiring freeze the CBA staff was able to process renewal applications in one to two weeks.
The board implemented a hiring freeze and deferred cost-of-living raises for its staff.
At the same time, about one-quarter of the companies said they have a hiring freeze in effect, so there's still a lot of caution out there.
What I can say is that currently, there is a hiring freeze in place, and it will stay in place until further notice.