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Synonyms for hireling

one who is employed by another

Synonyms for hireling

a person who works only for money


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You did bring it upon yourself," said he; "and traitor and hireling though you were, I would not willingly have killed you.
In England, it is generally understood to mean pay given to a state hireling for treason to his country.
And for this reason, I said, money and honour have no attraction for them; good men do not wish to be openly demanding payment for governing and so to get the name of hirelings, nor by secretly helping themselves out of the public revenues to get the name of thieves.
Most of the hay was cut, but the last week had been very unfavourable; and now that fine weather was come at last, being determined to make the most of it, I had gathered all hands together into the hay-field, and was working away myself, in the midst of them, in my shirt-sleeves, with a light, shady straw hat on my head, catching up armfuls of moist, reeking grass, and shaking it out to the four winds of heaven, at the head of a goodly file of servants and hirelings - intending so to labour, from morning till night, with as much zeal and assiduity as I could look for from any of them, as well to prosper the work by my own exertion as to animate the workers by my example - when lo
Even in the midst of defensive and dangerous wars with Persia and Macedon, the members never acted in concert, and were, more or fewer of them, eternally the dupes or the hirelings of the common enemy.
The very superintendents at the lower posts will not put him to mess with the common men, the hirelings of the establishment, but treat him as something superior.
Let every man be fully imbued with the thought that we must defeat these hirelings of England, inspired by such hatred of our nation
While the regular and trained hirelings of the king marched with haughtiness to the right of the line, the less pretending colonists took their humbler position on its left, with a docility that long practice had rendered easy.
And herein the device of king Henry the Seventh (whereof I have spoken largely in the History of his Life) was profound and admirable; in making farms and houses of husbandry of a standard; that is, maintained with such a proportion of land unto them, as may breed a subject to live in convenient plenty and no servile condition; and to keep the plough in the hands of the owners, and not mere hirelings.
He did not answer at once and her heart rose in her breast as it filled with the hope that her brave rescuer might be the same Roger de Conde who had saved her from the hirelings of Peter of Colfax but a few short weeks since.
David Cameron didn't personally stick that electronic poppy on his Downing Street photo but Tory attack puppies would have unfairly savaged Corbyn if a Labour hireling had made a similar mistake.
These hireling terrorist groups target the Gulf region's security and stability, he noted.
Now, there was an immediate need of a reliable hireling in the region adjacent to the (former) Soviet Union, Communist China, and powerful and traditional war-monger Japan.
Reliable information indicates that 29 high-ranking foreign invaders and eight hireling Afghans killed," insurgent spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.
According to Hariri, the "special relationship" between Lebanon and Syria must now be interpreted as support for the Syrian people and not for the regime, for "Lebanon is not the political hireling of any regime in the region.