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Synonyms for hire

Synonyms for hire

to obtain the use or services of

to engage the temporary use of (something) for a fee

to give temporary use of in return for payment


the act of employing for wages

the state of being employed

one who is employed by another

Synonyms for hire

a newly hired employee

Related Words

the act of hiring something or someone

hold under a lease or rental agreement

engage for service under a term of contract

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His staff receives 2,000 applications a year and hires about 100 teachers and 400 classified staff members.
The audit consists of requesting copies of receipt logs for resumes submitted, as well as the actual resumes, for recent key hires.
The survey's unexpected results might be due to the advanced degrees and high academic credentials of many Big-5 new hires, requiring employers to use other criteria (such as communication skills and ambition) to weed out or hire applicants.
With the Fast Tack process, the time elapsed from issuance of a conditional offer to final hire has decreased 45 percent.
Competition for employees has become brutal; last year, "we invited almost 90,000 people to interview, to hire about 4,200 people," Sartain says.
California's Employment Development Department, for example, set eight goals for 181 hires for such groups as African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, and women.
And even if you are not in a go-go glamour business, you want to make sure you lure and hire the 18-karat candidate, not fool's gold.
If a new hire needs time to obtain a copy of the acceptable document(s) to comply, he or she may begin work, but must provide the employer with proof of application for a duplicate within three business days.
Today, cutting-edge corporations hire Thomas--whose recruitment consulting firm specializes in Internet recruiting--to scout for talent before they actually have openings available.
51 as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which Congress believes win have a meaningful impact on the economy, as well as provide incentives to hire the disadvantaged.
Common sense may dictate that you can't effectively hire new talent through an office interview alone.