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a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s

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Peruvian Hipsters' guitarist Nigel Buckland said the deal with Cherry Red came about after the label approached him to use the song after discovering it online.
Peruvian Hipsters guitarist Nigel Buckland pictured with the band's Tony Hadley single
My transformation into a hipster came as a result of having recently moved house and waiting for the company that provides our Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (I just found out that is what ADSL stands for) to move our account from the one address to the new one.
En 2010, Mark Grief edita el primer y medianamente celebre libro dedicado a la nueva subcultura urbana de los Hipsters, la cual ya empieza a ser muy visible en Nueva York, la ciudad que la vio nacer.
The only other city to feature in the top five is Bristol, where St Paul's is a hipster hotspot.
"If these hipster trends continue, I'm not sure what the future of specialty coffee will look like.
Folk laugh this stuff off as Ian Cathro's laptop, but the thing is even the most pragmatic of bosses is a hipster in disguise.
But others are exactly what you'd expect to see on a young, trendy hipster who is marrying her Mr or Miss in Las Vegas' Chapel O'Love under the watchful eye of the King of Rock'n'Roll.
Hipsters, such as Scottish model Chris Millington, continue to make the look popular.
When your web series (1) centres on the lives of two narcissistic hipsters voicing their opinions on clubbing, brand names and the health benefits of cocaine, translating this to a television format is going to prove a challenge.
Out of the chaos and destruction of World War II emerged the hipster, a figure variously represented in works such as John Clellon Holmes', Go, which is about the group of figures at the center of the Beat Generation: Lawrence Lipton's The Holy Barbarians, a sociological study of the lives of some West Coast hipsters; and Norman Mailer's essay "The White Negro" (1957), in which he introduced his titular existential anti-hero.
Here, he tries to define hipsters, and explains why you should never invite him to your wedding.