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The Northern Quarter - Manchester's original hipster haven - is further down the list at 19, beating Oxford's suburb of Jericho in the top 20.
Rachel Dubrofsky, a communications expert at the University of South Florida, said that hipster racism is the "domain of white, often progressive people who think they are hip to racism, which they mistakenly believe gives them permission to say and do racist things without actually being racist".
But the hipster has never been a self-designated label.
The staff there are able to wear their own jeans, whilst the attire we designed is customised to each individual person, certainly with a hipster influence to it including a canvas blazer for management and checked shirts for service staff.
But London's renowned hipster favourites have only seen modest growth in property prices.
The Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea team hopes for these hipster coffee trends to end soon, and recommends serious coffee lovers to enjoy a simple cup of brewed coffee at home instead of following the latest fad online.
Particularly since the last time I was a young urban hipster dude was the end of the war.
When Stein won the big cup, Shanks should have said, "John, you're a hipster.
Mini, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI), has launched its Hipster Hatch, a brand new version of the Hardtop.
SO MODERN Hipster dad and busy mum join the Lego ranks
Whether Roding had planned it or not, the Roadster R1 continues to be unrecognizable to a lot of people, auto hipsters included.
Los temas que desarrolla, a pesar de no estar ordenados de manera secuencial de acuerdo con la progresion de los capitulos, pueden dividirse en tres grandes bloques interrelacionados: el fenomeno hipster a nivel individual, a nivel cultural y a nivel politico.
The Beatster was a teahead or junkie, jazz musician or aficionado, artist or intellectual, sexual adventurer or deviant, and Buddhist or spiritual seeker, in many ways mirroring Mailer's hipster but without the violence.
I didn't know what a hipster was because we don't have that in England, I don't think.
In a short video posted on YouTube this morning, a somewhat creepy-looking hipster in plaid, with a full beard, glasses, and cap stumbles around Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard, apologizing profusely for anything and everything that happens through no fault of his own, be it a car accident or coffee spilt on him.