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massive thick-skinned herbivorous animal living in or around rivers of tropical Africa

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If we take on the one side, the elephant, [7] hippopotamus, giraffe, bos caffer, elan, certainly three, and probably five species of rhinoceros; and on the American side, two tapirs, the guanaco, three deer, the vicuna, peccari, capybara (after which we must choose from the monkeys to complete the number), and then place these two groups alongside each other, it is not easy to conceive ranks more disproportionate in size.
They are believed to have left only one descendant - the hippopotamus.
OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma City native Gayla Peevey has welcomed another hippopotamus to the citys zoo, more than 60 years after her song about wanting one for Christmas helped the facility purchase its first.
Most participants (238 [84%]) reported having eaten hippopotamus meat at the time of the outbreak.
Now a new generation will be switched on to the brothers, who have entertained their fans since 1972 (although they formed a band in 1968 as Halfnelson), as they release their 25th studio album Hippopotamus next Friday.
Contrary to an international animal rights group's claim, Bertha, Manila Zoo's lone hippopotamus who was reportedly the oldest in the world, was happy until she passed away last week at age 65.
Maclver's clever, rhythmic lines (impressively rhyming the tricky Hippopotamus throughout) zing as they are read out loud and impressively detailed illustrations from Sarah Davis give each child a distinct personality while adding to the general chaos.
The hippopotamus, who had been a resident at the zoo for the last 12 years, died later that day.
despite the fact that none of them seems to know what a hippopotamus looks like
A must-have for school, public, or home libraries in need of some lighthearted adventure, or for anyone who can appreciate the many innovative ways to rhyme hippopotamus.
Brashares, where the two were hypothesizing just how important the hippopotamus is to the African ecosystem.
Evaluation of epididymal spermatic quality of hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius (Artiodactyla: Hippopotamidae) located in the Colombian Middle Magdalena
December 13, 2015 (WAU) - Wildlife authorities in South Sudan's Western Bahr el Ghazal state said they have launched an investigation into the unlawful killing of the state's oldest hippopotamus at the bank of River Jur on Tuesday.
Two Greek words were used to make up the name of the hippopotamus.
After torrential rain in the Caucasian country, lions, tigers and even a hippopotamus were spotted wandering the streets.