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We thoroughly examined the plumage of each captured bird searching for hippoboscid flies.
Hippoboscid flies parasitized only three birds of different species.
Hippoboscid flies are known vectors of parasites of the genus Trypanosoma and Haemoproteus (Santiago-Alarcon et al.
Haemoproteus, plasmodium, and hippoboscid ectoparasites of Colombian wild doves.
Smith for critically reading the manuscript; Nixon Wilson for assistance with species identification of hippoboscid flies; and Rob Lanciotti for providing monoclonal anti-flavivirus antibody 4G2
This leads to the prediction that hippoboscid louse flies are the most important vectors, because these ectoparasites would be transported by their hosts during colonization events.
Based on morphological characteristics, mites recovered from samples of formalinfixed skin in 4 birds were identified as Microlichus americanus, an epidermoptid mite infrequently reported from wild birds and hippoboscid flies.
It is transmitted by Pseudolinchia canariensis, a Hippoboscid vector fly.
Blood sucking insects including mosquitoes, hippoboscid flies (louse flies) and culicoides species (biting midges) have been incriminated as vector.
2003) documented parasitic lice on lark sparrows in Nebraska (Brueelia angustifrons) and Costa Rica (Machaerilaemus laticorpus), and McClure (1984, 1987, 1989) reported hippoboscid flies (Ornithoica vicina)and mites(Neoshoengastia americana, Proctophyllodes) on lark sparrows in California.
The occurrence of hippoboscid flies on some species of birds in southern California.