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Hippie, a sensory delight and mind-expanding trip, combines hundreds of photographs, a fascinating narrative highlighting all the social and cultural upheavals between the years 1965 and 1971, and quotations from many of the people -- Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, Grace Slick, George Harrison, Wavy Gravy, and many others -- who lived through and shaped the counterculture.
You'll learn how to name your hippie baby, how to macrame, how to draw psychedelic letters, how to milk a goat, how to Dumpster dive, how to play ``Kumbaya'' on your guitar, how to tree sit, how to recognize an undercover cop and how to build a compost pile.
who delivered one of the most caustic putdowns of hippies ever.
Caveats aside, "The Hippie Dictionary" delivers lively waysides on its trip down memory lane.
I don't think it was ever in me to be a twinset and pearls kind of girl, but even at a young age the whole hippie lifestyle suited me down to the ground.
But as darkness fell the army of hippies decided to pull out.
I had no problem landing myself a handmade hippie purse and a few other trinkets for the folks back home.
As Georges Lucas' Star Wars rationalized Dionysian mysticism with Apollonian technology, so Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind used love zaps from the sky to transform members of the middle-American silent majority into hippie dropouts.
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" tells the stories and the antics of three loveable hippie brothers: cowboy-hatted Freewheeling Frank, mad-inventor Phineas, and Fat Freddy, as well as Fat Freddy's cat, described as meaner than Garfield, smarter than Felix, randier than Fritz and a better mouser than Tom.
No telling what Chris Stanton would have done with the rest of his life if he hadn't gotten sick in Morocco back in his hippie days, when he was traveling the world on a shoestring.
Well, I'd say you're just a couple steps short of being a full-fledged hippie.
s favorite hippie maniacs from the cult members' own perspectives.
Nobody should have to put up with hippie neighbours from hell.
He tricks a hearse-owning hippie, Larry Oster-Berg (Michael Shannon), into helping him get the box out of an LAX cargo hangar.