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amaryllis of tropical America often cultivated as a houseplant for its showy white to red flowers

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Moreover, it has been detected in Acer palmatum plant and Hippeastrum vittatum bulbs exported from Japan and Israel, respectively (Chen et al.
This family is not the same as the large showy flowers we commonly refer to as Amaryllis; those are Hippeastrum.
Plant hippeastrum and paper white narcissus in pots now to flower at the en of the year, but keep them inside as neither will stand being frosted.
2007) and El-Naggar and El-Nasharty (2009) who indicated that the different growing media had significant effect on the most of the vegetative growth characteristics, flowering parameters, bulbs productivity and leaf chemical composition parameters of Hippeastrum vittatum (Table 2).
The first charts an English gardener's devoted interest in hippeastrum flowers as she does everything required to produce perfect blooms.
A preliminary study of our group demonstrated a promising antioxidant and anticholinesterase activity of three Hippeastrum species (Amaryllidaceae) by bioautography method (Giordani et al.
The date palm for example, can tolerate salinity in excess of 30,000 parts per million, though the quality of fruit deteriorates; whereas Hippeastrum suffers when salinity rises above 1,750ppm.
For a superbly showy gift, give Hippeastrum bulbs planted (indoors) in an attractive pot.
Hussey (1976) investigated this phenomenon in some members of bulbous plants included Narcissus, Iris, Amaryllis, Fritillaria, Freesia, Hippeastrum, Gladiolus and Sparaxis and reported that cytokinin application is necessary for in vitro proliferation of storage organs.
Pot up large hippeastrum bulbs in the greenhouse into 15-20cm (6-8in) pots.
japonicum [175] Hippeastrum calyptratum [21, 79, 94] Narcissus assoanus Dufour ssp.
Notas taxonomicas sobre los generos Hieronymella, Hippeastrum y Habranthus.
Related Family Members in Book: Agapanthus, Allium, Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, Nerine, and Triteleia
OVER the next few weeks millions of Amaryllis bulbs will be sold all over Europe - I must correct myself and use the proper name, which is Hippeastrum.
Species: belladonna; see Hippeastrum for the larger trumpet-shaped flower that is commonly called Amaryllis.