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the line formed by measuring the hip at its greatest part

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the line formed by the lower edge of hip-length garment

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On the printed photo, find the spot where shoulder seam joins the top of the sleeve cap and draw vertical lines, then add horizontal lines at shoulderline and hipline.
A more feminine look that's womanly rather than girly, with an emphasis on a rounded hipline, a narrow waist and the bustline.
Despite his jutting lower abdomen in the music video--in particular, the transverse, internal, and external oblique muscles--that stands out as weirdly and even intriguingly nonhuman, D'Angelo's compulsive efforts during the tour and after to maintain the hipline of what can only be likened to a "Ken doll" or marionette ultimately proved futile.
The waists of flapper clothes were dropped to the hipline.
It helps, of course, that the lines of the saloon with its rising hipline lend themselves into an estate conversion but the styling team have tried, and succeeded, in giving the estate a personality of its own.
The elongated bonnet stretches forever, the deep ridges raking up the front and it features a distinctive rear hipline.
Grab balconette bras and patterned tops if you are flat chested, add some statement heels and use a large hipster belt to broaden your hipline.
A tendu to the front is exactly to the front, not in front of your hipline," she tells her students.
Sprinkled though the book, in addition to Mina, are well-known actresses, politicians and public figures, who, the authors suggest, used the sari to communicate erotic intent (the incomparable actress Rekha being the star); of power and authority (Indira Gandhi); of coquettish playfulness (legendary actresses like Nutan with her pallu [the free end of the sari, tossed over the left shoulder to fall gracefully up to the knees], Sharmila Tagore with her "impossibly low hipline," and Asha Parekh's "tightly-draped folds").
Low-waisted dresses with loose belts at the hipline will cover up the tummy
A tapered jacket ending just below the hipline would look great on your girlfriend.
If the hipline transition is not a smooth contour or if the spine curves in at the center back, you might have a "shelf" on the derriere.
This corset-style dress is perfect for her, as it is quite tight fitting over the bust and waist areas, but then flares out at the hipline, and is able to conceal a multitude of sins.