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large flaring bone forming one half of the pelvis

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While a bunch of gear stretching from hipbone to hipbone designed to carry pistol and AR magazines, radio, first aid kit, holster, handcuffs and/or whatever else you think you might need might be a bit overkill for most Handguns readers, HTC has now come out with a convertible inside-the-waistband/outside-the-waistband holster designed to appeal to everyone--the HTC EVO.
as the phone shoved in his shorts against his hipbone.
But, if you absolutely have to unA[degrees]tuck, or are wearing a shirt designed to be unA[degrees]tucked (like a TA[degrees] shirt), make sure that the hem doesn't go past your hipbone. Anything longer and it will swallow you up and make your legs look stubby.
Total body, lumbar spine, and hipbone mineral density were measured, and markers of bone turnover were assessed at the beginning at the trial,
Imagine that there are three floors for this elevator: floor 1 is on the ground, floor 2 is between the ground and the hipbone, and floor 3 is at the hipbones.
"But you can see it bulging in my shirt and I want to have time off to have it sorted." Hipbone surgery forced Wall to miss a lot of golf last year so he's already held off the operation as he fights to earn back his full European Tour card.
" The baby has two separate heads, two spines, two nervous systems, two hands, two legs and single hipbone and private part," Dr S.
The femoral head is the rounded "ball" end of the femur (thigh bone), which fits into the acetabulum (the cup-shaped socket at the base of the hipbone).
To measure your waist, find the halfway point between the bottom of your ribs and your hipbone. This is where you should wrap the tape measure around you to give an accurate waist measurement.
So implants placed in a hipbone that rub against one another leak more titanium than a dental implant.
Currently, patients who are immobile must rely on caregivers to visually monitor their skin for the formation of ulcers, which often form over bony points such as the tailbone and the hipbone. But to guard against such wounds forming in the first place, the pressure on those points needs to be relieved.
Nor does anyone stick a giant needle in your hipbone. Instead, a cheek swab determines whether you are a match, then you are given drugs so that your body overproduces the useful stem cells needed to treat leukemia and other conditions, which are shed into the bloodstream and easily extracted from blood drawn through a relatively nonscary needle in the arm, just like a normal blood donation.
He has suffered a broken hipbone and a fractured rib, which has caused severe internal bleeding," said Aslam's father Basha Thabaralam.
* Circle a tape measure around your midsection immediately above your hipbone.
Plans for Lady Jane Digby, who has made a miraculous recovery from a fractured hipbone sustained last autumn, may include the Arlington Million in the US later this month, followed by the E.P Taylor Stakes at Woodbine in Canada.