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the socket part of the ball-and-socket joint between the head of the femur and the innominate bone

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After 18 years of rigorous dancing, this underlying malformation had predisposed me to premature loss of cartilage in my hip socket.
If I push against the floor with my feet and think of that circular energy going through the floor and coining back up through the body, it creates space in the hip socket where the leg and pelvis meet.
In the technique-with its emphasis on lunges, flat backs (standing in parallel, a straight upper body hinges forward at the hip socket to make a 90 degree angle), and laterals (extending a straight leg to the side in parallel, the torso and arms tip in opposition to make a straight line perpendicular to the standing leg)--the body's center gets very strong.
Rotate the lifted leg in and out at the hip socket, making sure to reach the full range of motion inward and outward.
3 Damaged bone and cartilage are pared away from the hip socket, and a cup-shaped metal socket with a plastic (polyethylene) or ceramic liner is fitted.
When her son Bentley - now aged six - was born, her hip socket fractured in four places which ultimately meant she needed a hip replacement.
Another complication that can arise after surgery is dislocation of the joint, which occurs when the prosthetic that's implanted in the femur pops out of the cup placed in the hip socket, or acetabulum.
The creature's name means "slender complete basin", in reference to its lean build and closed hip socket.
The worn out portion of the hip socket (acetabulum) is fitted with a cup, typically made of metal and lined with ceramic.
Sudden onset of pain brought on by a non-contact rotational movement with the foot firmly planted on the ground most commonly suggests a joint sprain or muscle strain, though a more severe mechanism may suggest a tear in the ring of cartilage that lines the rim of the hip socket, called the labrum.
Lack of exercise has also been an issue for the heavyweight hound as he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia - an abnormal formation of the hip socket.
I'm going to have what's called a hip re-surfacing, where the hip socket is coated and then reattached to the joint.
Indeed, people who run with prosthetic lower limbs have an intact hip socket and/or quadriceps.
According to her surgeon, the anterior and medial walls of her hip socket had worn very thin.
The anterior procedure enables the surgeon to reach the hip socket without cutting through major muscle groups, allowing a shorter recovery period and less pain.