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a very high boot


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Sitka bucks bone out to 60-70 pounds, so you have to know how far you can pack that kind of weight--possibly while wearing hip boots on soggy, boot-sucking tundra.
At the last outing, 165 people in sneakers and hip boots spent 1,500 hours scooping water into plastic jars.
If you wear rubber boots -- or even hip boots, you'll be dryer -- but you'll have little support for your ankles, and will find them more uncomfortable after many hours of slogging through bogs.
His patched hip boots had been chest waders before he had taken his skinning knife to them.
5mm ExtremaPrene Chest Wader with 800-gram boot and 1,200-gram boot with Spandura fabric; Breathable Camouflage Deluxe Chest Wader; and 4mm Neoprene Hip Boots with 600-gram boot.
For instance, she knows how to show disdain for Obama's words while using them when she wants to lift the optimistic flag as she steps from the mud in hip boots.
Local children, media, Fish and Wildlife Service staff, and conservation officials from Virginia Tech University and the Virginia Department of Game and Island Fisheries (VDGIF) donned hip boots and waders as they released artificially propagated freshwater mussels into a crystal-clear section of river at Cedar Bluff, Virginia.
Sandwich Town Beach was empty at low tide on a winter afternoon when scientist Mary Carman yanked on hip boots and waded among the eel grass and barnacles, her brown eyes scanning the clear water.
As if a PGA Tour pro with his own jet shouldn't be expected to carry a pair of hip boots in his bag.
One call to Cabellas produced everything I needed including a Healy Hansen parka, ankle fitted hip boots that let me walk through the mud flats in great comfort and some miscellaneous layered gear for warmth.
Waders and hip boots are a no-no, and you should always wear a personal flotation device.
In the small mountain streams that I regularly fish, I can get by with these waterproof boots and not have to put up with the bother or discomfort of wearing hip boots or waders.
They're wearing hip boots these days, wading through all the "scalable e-businesses" and their "turnkey application infrastructures" with "Internet backbones" and "Web-centric value-added services.
I could have borrowed his hip boots and wandered in to find it myself, but I haven't forgotten his embarrassed admission of becoming lost after venturing only 30 yards into the swamp.
They responded with a pleasant greeting and indicated they had everything they needed, as they wrestled on their hip boots with the aid of a small flashlight.