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Synonyms for hinge

a circumstance upon which subsequent events depend

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attach with a hinge

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By varying the width of the black lines, or hinges, researchers are able to change how far each hinge folds.
If not, rest them on the bottom of the existing hinge recess on the frame and mark along the top of the new hinge.
Swap bits over to go back to the screwdriver function and drive the screw into the wall plug (through the hinge of course).
announced today that it has completed the introduction of its fully tested and field proven Easy-Lift spring hinge system for its popular polygonal kilns.
Active hinge technology uses horizontal hinges with vertical movement which absorb the vacuum as the liquid cools.
in the Texas hills; and make holy the hinge of a book's spine in
The door and hinge are one assembly made of composite material.
When doors are opened beyond their intended stopping point, the resulting kickback shock--also known as "racking"--loosens screws, distorts hinge leaves, damages hinge bearings, and breaks hinge reinforcements inside the doorframe.
Bivalve molluscs are typically shown with the hinge or dorsal end facing up out of convention.
A 180-degree lift-off hinge incorporates D-SNAP Technology.
Also mark how deep (using the flat part of the hinge) each hinge is.
A door closer differs from an ordinary spring or spring hinge in that it closes the door at a controlled speed.
In early 2006, Intralox introduced its Series 850 SeamFree[TM] Minimum Hinge Flat Top belt.
Using this hinge and patch fitting combination, shower enclosures are easily erected using fixing options including direct to a flat wall or flush with other glass panels.