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the back half of a side of meat

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The lower value of mince compared with hindquarter cuts does reduce the overall carcase value and we still need to find extra ways of adding value to the cheaper cuts.
He consistently produces temperamentally docile offspring with great muscular skeletal development, superior length and hindquarter development with correct locomotion.
My second slug went in over the shoulder in the ribs and penetrated through to the right hindquarter.
The other great asset of this cutting method is that it produces more steaks for grilling and frying from the forequarter, giving shoppers an economic alternative to the more expensive hindquarter cuts.
Some contend, on the basis of the quagga skins preserved in museums, that this front-striped animal is a zebra, either a fourth zebra species or a variant of the Plains zebra, whose hindquarter stripes are dim.
Impacting the left hindquarter, the E-Tip ranged forward, passing through the abdomen and into the thoracic cavity, where it wreaked havoc on the vitals, shattered ribs on the forward right side, and came to rest.
Economically, a higher dressing of the hindquarter in relation to the other cuts is desired, because on this cut, the best parts with a high commercial value were found (Macedo et al.
The company also denied claims that they use the whole cow in their beef patties, insisting that only beef they use is forequarter and hindquarter trimmings, along with whole muscle cuts.
Each cold carcass was then divided into hindquarter, forequarter and spare ribs to obtain the respective weights and yields relative to cold carcass.
I put up the binos and saw a hindquarter of the buck.
Judging the Supreme Championship section at the Smithfield Show, BLCS Northern Ireland representative Mr Jim Quail, of Quail's Fine Foods, Banbridge, said of his Champion: "This was a stylish heifer, fined boned, beautifully fleshed with a full loin and hindquarter with a perfect level of fat cover.
The influence of ribose supplementation on skeletal muscle adenine salvage rates during recovery from intense contractions and subsequent muscle performance was evaluated using an adult rat perfused hindquarter preparation.