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* Muscle strength: Dogs lose muscle strength as they age, especially in the hind end. Dogs can regain muscle strength with fitness exercises, developing hind end, core, and stabilizing muscles as well as front-end (shoulder) muscles.
Me, Joe, and a dog with a geyser coming out his hind end in a tiny exam room.
Caddy was adorned with a pink, see-through half-blouse on her hind end. They purchased the animal in New York at 6 months old for $2,500.
"The North East and the North West get the hind end of just about everything, the worst deal.
The recipe calls for a bone-in ham, but it can also be made with any roast cut from the hind end of a black bear, or even the loin.
For example, many times in good natured fun, people jokingly threaten to kick someone else's hind end, or to warn a mischevious child of an impending spanking.
I will no longer declare a firearm that I am not carrying, just because some young ticket agent is covering her hind end I chose to hold my tongue, and it cost me two days of hunting.
The hind end of the male was spirally coiled, had lateral alae and papillae and unequal spicules.
In her current body of work she has been exploring the use of auspicious flowers tattooed over the hind end of the horse like the Appaloosa's signature rump.
She is very affectionate, but is often stiff in her hind end and may need to stay on anti-inflammatories to be comfortable.
Metasoma with tergites highly polished; tergite I weakly broadened posteriorly, 1.8 times as long as wide, dorsally with lateromedian longitudinal carinae discernible on its basal 0.2; sternite I with a rounded protuberance near hind end (Figure 4); tergite II with anterior lateral corners costate rugose.
Touch him on the flank and ask him to step his hind end over a step or two without moving forward, pushing in to you or moving his shoulders.
BACK UP: The horse's powerful hind muscles help to power it forward in a sprint, Nine different skeletal muscles work on each side of the horse's hind end.
Right now, I'm fully disgusted with California and the United States for allowing this to go on after I put my hind end on the line."