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the quality of being hilly

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Attitude towards the behavior Instrumental beliefs Versatility, flexibility Reliability: predictability of trip time Safety: risk of accidents Safety: interaction with drivers and pedestrians Safety: risk of bicycle theft Economy Health Exposure to climatology Comfort Symbolic beliefs Benefits for the environment Expression of values and status Associated affective aspects Fear Anxiety Arousal Pleasure Social norm Descriptive norm Subjective norm Prototypes of cyclists Perceived control of behavior Availability of bike paths Car speed reduction and car restrictions Availability of bike hire services Availability of parking places Hilliness of the city Source: Own work.
Added to the coastal proximity and hilliness characteristics, the weather characteristics increase explanatory power by more than 30 percentage points in each of the two time periods.
The coastal proximity and hilliness characteristics also help explain variations in metro unemployment.
8 Hilliness within metro altitude range per unit area 380 444 within metro altitude standard deviation 72 84 per unit land area High (High WORKFORCE CHARACTERISTICS Unmplymnt -Low) Selected Industry Shares Manufacturing 16.
Widening the road to accommodate shoulders and flattening the east-west portion to eliminate the hilliness that hinders drivers from seeing oncoming cars.
If using a yearling to five-year-old ram, allow 25 to 50 ewes per ram, depending upon area temperatures, sex drive of the individual animal, and hilliness of terrain.
As implied by the above discussion, explanatory variables in demand and revenue equations may include measures of all or some of the following variables: the relevant population; the number of holes that a course has (HOLES), the yardage or rating of the course, the hilliness, the course condition, the aesthetic beauty, the size of the greens, the length of time it takes to play a round, the acres of lakes, the number of holes with water hazards (WATER), the number of bunkers, the course's advertising, whether carts are mandatory or optional, and whether carts are restricted to cartpaths (CARTPATH = 1 if carts are restricted to cartpaths).
Each golfer was asked to rate the hilliness (HILLINESS), aesthetic beauty (BEAUTY), course condition, and customer service on 1-to-5 scales.
And, the two included subjectively measured variables, HILLINESS and BEAUTY, are statistically significant and economically meaningful in their magnitudes.
An additional rating point on the one-to-five scale for hilliness will cost about 7,000 rounds of golf, while an additional point on the beauty scale will increase rounds played by roughly 7,000 rounds per year.