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a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person


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With an impressive record of three wins - including in this race 12 months ago - and a second in four starts at the course, Hillbilly Boy could be the one with stable jockey Richard Kingscote booked to ride, but he and Calder Prince will need to overcome high draws.
With the great success we have had with our Limited Edition series, we are excited to expand with the Hunting Series featuring hats for Hillbilly Weatherman bringing the next level of our Limited Edition Series to life
It's a Hillbilly Hoedown for our four legged friends organised by Liverpool artist and La's cofounder Mike Badger.
Old iron is literally the heart of the hillbilly motor home.
For that matter, recall the composition of the prototypical hillbilly hymn.
DOG GONE Clockwise from left, Miley rides an airborne hot dog then a car, wears hillbilly teeth and twerks the Liberty Bell
The HillBilly Brand Pocket Lighters are available in a 50-count, display-a-tray, 2-pack open stock and 2-pack clip strip.
Long wheelbase, fat, big, V8 gas guzzler, soft suspension, fur on the dash, apple on the aerial, for the typical macho American hillbilly.
Inside, you'll find stories like the tale of a displaced Southerner so homesick for sweet tea that she got a tattoo devoted to "the real hillbilly heroin.
To compare Keith's Hillbilly Solar Trailer to IES Powerwagon[TM] is a bit of a stretch.
We revealed last month how stores were selling drugs similar to the hillbilly heroin which hooked movie wildgirl Lindsay Lohan.
Britt sang hillbilly music (what now is called country music).
Startime president Jeanette Greenway, who plays Mama Hillbilly, said 2007 was a milestone year for the group, which presents two shows a year.
The musical approaches vary more than you'd expect, from breakdowns, of course, to hillbilly jazz and a wittily tone-deaf run through ``The Twelve Days of Christmas.
Unabashedly hillbilly in a way that doesn't fit into accepted Dirty South b-boy modalities, Troy confronts unavoidable discomfit of his racialized and class-ascendant presence head on.