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glossy black Asiatic starling often taught to mimic speech

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Not knowing the hematological values makes it difficult to determine if a certain Palawan Hill Mynah is healthy or not.
The results of the Palawan hill mynah were read by comparing the shade of gray of the rest result with the CombScale card.
Overall, the results for the Palawan Hill Mynah had similarities with the captive Thailand Hill Mynah, thus making their values comparable.
15] The MCH, MCHC, and MCV of the Palawan Hill Mynah are 37.
The values observed in the Palawan Hill Mynah subjects were well within the range of figures as compared to the standard values noted in another study.
Since the Palawan Hill Mynah are already considered under threat and is endemic in the Philippines, obtaining samples from the wild will be difficult.
Hematological constituents and Chlamydophila psittaci proliferation were determined and examined for the captive Palawan Hill Mynah under the protection of the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center.
Hematological investigations of captive Hill Mynah Gracula religiosa in Thailand.
Determination of the hematological values and detection of Chlamydophila psittaci antibodies in captive Palawan Hill Mynah at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center.
Table 1: Hematological values of the Palawan Hill Mynah (G.
The hill mynahs have made the dense forest of Kanger Valley their home.