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a headscarf worn by Muslim women

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the custom in some Islamic societies of women dressing modestly outside the home

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"But on the other, it's a way to normalize hijab and make us feel more included."
It all kicked off when Elturk, who founded accessories e-tailer Haute Hijab in 2010, shared a promotional image used by US clothing store Banana Republic on its website.
"I want to warn head teachers that they dare not stop our children from learning because of wearing a hijab. Anyone who does that will find it rough with us who come from the Muslin community," he said.
Workout Hijabs. The worst part of working out in a Hijab is that the unbreathable material can soak up sweat and stick to you uncomfortably.
The photo was shared by Padilla on his own Instagram account, where a netizen, a certain Amarrah, questioned Rodriguez if she really knew the meaning of wearing a hijab in public.
"By inviting women of different faiths and backgrounds to wear the hijab, it normalizes the hijab," she said, adding, "Thus, it no longer stays something 'unknown' which some might ignorantly fear or see it as a threat."
The Government was quoted last week as saying that it would not interfere in the hijab imbroglio which has embroiled the South West.
On the hashtag, Algerian women went to tell their own stories when they were forced to wear hijab against their will, highlighting the psychological issues they have faced.
The hijab, just like the five-daily prayers, is a well pronounced aspect of Islam.
figure By KEN OGUTU The recent Supreme Court ruling on whether Muslim girls can wear the hijab in a Methodist Church-sponsored school has elicited sharp opinions.
Summary: Ayesha Isa-Zailani, a fresh graduate in Dubai, wears a hijab and feels these adverts are discriminatory.
According to a BBC story, the global hijab market was worth $230 billion in 2014.
February 1 of each year will be known as the national hijab day under a bill passed on second reading in the House of Representatives during a recent session.
Summary: 'Who are you to take the hijab away from me?'
In a telephone call with the President of the International Muslim Women Union, Dr Samiha Raheel Qazi, on the occasion of international Hijab Day, he said the west was becoming a battle ground of racial and fascist ideas and hatred and narrow mindedness for the Muslims was intensifying.