highway robbery

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an exorbitant price

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robbery of travellers on or near a public road

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Offenders as young as 10 were charged with highway robbery, fraud and violent assault, a study of historic criminal registers found.
The kidnapers are ex- convicted people accused of committing crimes ranging from highway robbery, blocking roads to kidnapping foreigners.
In another criminal encounter, a highway robbery was foiled by a police constable and a robber was killed when three of them tried to loot a Larkana-bound van.
KARAK -- Karak police claimed to have arrested the robber involved in a highway robbery and also recovered the looted money from the dacoits, says a press release issued on Wednesday from the office of DPO Karak.
Camp Olivas, Pampanga -- The use of pass cards by all drivers of cargo trucks plying various routes and main highways in Region 3 and the deployment of some 450 fully-equipped police personnel round-the-clock at crime prone areas beginning next week is expected to curb hijacking and highway robbery in Central Luzon.
I really didn't understand why councils could bleat about the dying High Street and then commit latter-day highway robbery on motorists who were attempting to shop there.
Summary: Salem (Tamil Nadu): In a daring highway robbery, four robbers posing as police personnel yesterday .
May 13, 2013 (RUMBEK) -- Four people have been arrested in connection with last week's highway robbery incident, in which a senior South Sudan army (SPLA) official was injured in South Sudan's Lakes state.
It would be seen by the people that if no UK politician stands up and voices his or her objections to this highway robbery by an unelected EU, then they are as bad as the regime itself, and shame on you all.
As for reducing the capacity by 40% to come under budget when it is proven that PFIs are nothing short of highway robbery is nonsensical and obviously a backward step.
When Birmingham is doing its best to attract visitors and tourists, this highway robbery sends out all the wrong signals.
Motorists should be put in the picture so we can end this highway robbery.
They have my support totally as this carbuncle of a government are using legalised highway robbery with their pensions to rob them.
The 9-2 about Dick Turpin earlier in the week looked each-way highway robbery, but Canford should win.
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