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Synonyms for high-top

(of shoes or boots) having relatively high uppers


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Hightop put out feelers and found Cool Whip and they clicked.
Reebok hightop classics may remind you of your mum's 80s workout classes but these are a must–have.
1.49 Hightop Killnic 4-1 (2-6-3, PS26.63, TC: PS89.23).
Camelotalocalhero Camelot's victory in the Qipco 2,000Guineaswentdownwellat Doncaster, scene of his victory in the Racing Post Trophy last autumn-aracenosubsequent Guineaswinnerhadtakensince HighTop.
Leather Boxing lowtop, leather Sprint lowtop, and leather Honji hightop, all Y-3.
The company's HighTop Boot is lighter weight and therefore not as sturdy, but while you may not be singing in the rain, at $4.50 they will certainly take you through a few rainstorms for a song.
Why the name had been changed was always debated in August, that dry yellow month when the grass was tall and the bears ate their fill of blueberries on the other side of Hightop Mountain, a craggy Berkshire County landmark that separated Blackwell from the rest of the world.
He was a wildman, well-known throughout the Berkshires because of the time he'd jumped off a cliff on Hightop Mountain.
Guests can gather around strategically placed hightop tables wrapped in soft red hued leather and bathed in warm lighting created by silk covered pendandent chandeliers.
3 Liberts Hightop Dance Sneaker #215 $40 www.liberts.com 800.624.6480
A few years ago my wife scraped the side of our hightop van against a concrete wall.
Answers: ACROSS: loafer, boot, slipper BACKWARDS: mule, flat DOWN: athletic, moccasin UP: pump, flipflop DIAGONAL: hightop, clog, sandal.
Passengers described his shoes as hightop trainers Raja had only one small bag with him and said he was travelling to Antigua to visit relatives, police said.
On one occasion, she was almost thrown out of the Rainbow Room in New York for wearing red hightop sneakers.
One day, she left the house wearing a blazer with Clark Kent shoulders and a long, colourful skirt that reached down to white hightop running shoes.