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leave as fast as possible

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The purchase allows Hightail to strengthen its leadership in offering the most secure product experience to customers, as well as to meet the growing demand for content control and security, the buyer said.
By breaking his maiden tag at the ninth attempt, Hightail entered the Breeders' Cup record books, firstly by having emerged victorious in the smallest field to contest a Breeders' Cup race and secondly by making Lukas the oldest trainer ever to win at the meeting.
We sense that even as the photographer slowly, carefully took in her surroundings, she was poised to hightail it out of there at any moment, should the unwelcome sound of another's footsteps be heard in the distance.
No matter how far away from home he is, and no matter how needless the device may be in a practical sense, he is impelled to hightail it back to his house and reconnect with the world.
daintily between trunks, approach to lick a groove, then hightail home.
State officials weighed Denham's history of leaving the state, his criminal history, the fact that Fort Worth police had arrested him for the minor offense of shoplifting and the prospect of spending several thousand dollars to retrieve a suspect who would probably hightail it the first time had a chance - and they decided to leave him in Texas.
This leads Julia to steal bingo money from her boss and hightail it to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, where the electronic departure signs psychically lead her to Manhattan in search of her mysterious and malevolent loft.
Anyone seen Rory Sabattini lately trying to hightail it out of Sherwood?
IT'S high time we stopped slagging off celebrity Scots who hightail it south.
She makes no distinction between draft dodgers and those who voluntarily enlisted in the army, only to hightail it once they were asked to do their duty.
My preference, actually, was to hightail it out of the store, completely overwhelmed.
And when his job was done, Dana didn't hop into an SUV and hightail it to the relative calm of West Jerusalem like his counterparts in the foreign press corps.
Witnesses saw two men hightail it in a pickup truck with a 136-pound, 6-foot-tall Mr.
Then you take that cage and you put it in the middle of a city, you open it, and you hightail it out of there.
If the canaries fell dead, the miners would hightail it out of there," Scannell said.