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Synonyms for highly-sexed

having excessive sexual desire or appeal


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Throughout their moves, a room full of men looked on with their jaws on the ground as they revealed a barelythere G-string, before leaving the stage to a round of applause from the highly-sexed crowd.
It was clear he was highly-sexed and in hindsight, it should have served as a warning sign.
He says I'm highly-sexed but how do I know what is normal?
Mike slates the notorious Blue Books, the National Education Report of 1847, collated by 232 Anglican priests and three monoglot English Commissioners for claiming the Welsh were almost sub-human, highly-sexed and that their language should be exterminated.
Surrounded by inefficient, highly-sexed private secretaries, Bob strives to protect his reputation, his career and his conscience as he tries to outsmart his adversaries in the cut-throat world of politics.
The path of true love hits one major hitch: Alan can't perform when the highly-sexed Italo jumps him soon after their first, cautious date.
A recent Russian study claimed men with muscled buttocks are strong, persistent and last longer in bed, chaps with saddle-bag bums are boring, and round-reared women are highly-sexed and materialistic.
It is also claimed that highly-sexed Lady Mountbatten took many lovers, sometimes juggling three at once, and that Lord Mount-batten preferred men.
He's always been highly-sexed and now I'm worried he'll find a younger woman.
He says I'm abnormally randy but surely at his age he should be just as highly-sexed? What is normal?
Nicholson, who Kim Basinger once described as "the most highly-sexed individual I have ever met", said the experience had been liberating.
She met O'Brien through an agency and they were a "highly-sexed" pair who were well-suited as they enjoyed an "intense" and "bizarre" sex life, according to Mr Worsley.