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an area of lightness in a picture


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Highlighting or weaving has become extremely popular with young girls and it's not a trend that is likely going to pass, said a local hair salon owner.
Therefore, if one chooses to engage in comparison marketing, highlighting the advantages of one's camp over another's strong suits is important.
Delete the extra items by highlighting them in the OrderDate Footer, CompanyName Footer, Page Footer and Report Footer (as show in exhibit 12, page 74) and holding down the Shift key, clicking in the boxes and pressing the delete key.
Juniper Networks is also participating in the RSA Pavilion, Booth #531, highlighting Juniper's Steel-Belted Radius and Odyssey Access Client to demonstrate wireless authentication via RSA's SecurID.
Game of the Week - Takes fans inside two of the previous Sunday's best games highlighting outstanding performances and crucial plays using NFL Films slow-motion cinematography.
In a system highlighting its USB products' interface-conversion capabilities, PLX is featuring the NET2282 PCI-to-USB peripheral controller in a dual-stream video-capture system, whereby the NET2282 enables the high-bandwidth PCI-based video device to connect directly to a USB bus.
Richard Moroney and his team answer some of your most frequently asked income-related questions, highlighting ways to generate income without excessive risk.
Yankees Box Set, highlighting the greatest rivalry in sports, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.
The new node highlighting function allows users to point to an object in the layout, regardless of hierarchy, and display all the geometry connected to it based on its set of connectivity rules.
Price Headley examines the relationships between the current oil situation, the economy, and the consumer, while also highlighting an option recommendation in one of the few sectors making bullish progress.