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The Colorado Highlife Tours acquisition is intended to accelerate MLCG's Colorado luxury cannabis tourism strategy, the firm said.
It was then that I decided to distract myself from the pain I was going through by working avidly on my Highlife Dubai idea, something that had, till that point only been a hobby.
Hot Border Special bost an eclectic mix of styles, with Influences ranging from afrobeat to rock, highlife to funk, and even a hint towards samba.
rapping) and highlife music created by Ghanaian youth.
This winter the slopes are calling, whether you're a snow bunny, absolute pro or simply waiting for the next ski lift to take you for a hot chocolate, Highlife Ski & Snowboard has an offer a group of pals simply can't turn down.
This work is part of a series of publications that provide an updated perspective on Ghanaian highlife music since the seminal work of John Collins in the 1990s (Highlife Time [Accra, Ghana: Anansesem Publications, 1996]).
La chanteuse guineenne Sia Tolno a offert, dimanche dernier au soir au public present a la 2e soiree du festival international de jazz de Constantine, un spectacle colore, aux rythmes exaltants de l'Afrobeat, une musique impregnee de funk, de jazz, de groove et de highlife.
Ebo Taylor, Ghanaian band leader, guitarist, arranger and composer will bring his band and the genre he has led for decades - Highlife - to Cardiff.
The artists on this compilation of Ghanaian Highlife music may not be household names outside of the country and a small circle of African music enthusiasts, but today's dance hall DJs could do worse that drop a few of these tracks into their repertoire and watch a new generation react to the pop music of three or four decades past.
The poll, which was run by British Airways Highlife Magazine, revealed that seven in 10 travellers choose destinations in which they can explore and experience a new culture.
The poll was conducted for British Airways Highlife Magazine, and it also revealed that 7 out of 10 travellers prefer to visit destinations to explore and experience a new culture.
8220;We are thrilled that Iqua Spin has been chosen to be included in the Highlife range of products.
Urs Althaus' autobiography--Ich, der Neger: Mein Leben zwischen Highlife und Pleiten--was published in German by Worterseh Verlag last November.
This sound incorporated elements of highlife, soukous, compas and afrobeat rhythms, igniting a musical revolution throughout the Caribbean coast of Colombia.
They see children playing basketball, a mirthful water-pistol chase, a family barbecue, musicians hanging out, the spoon man tapping rhythms for spare change, the poet "spittin' verses from the highlife cafe.