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having a higher rank

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A higher-ranking official from the Water Resources Department stated, "The project is proposed to meet the water requirements of Nagpur city and the proposed metro region till the year 2031.
Higher-ranking scores indicate the most probable occurrences of potential fraud or abuse, and collusion of employees and vendors.
Another suggests that higher-ranking animals preferentially direct unprovoked aggression--a sign of dominance--toward the offspring of lower-ranking females.
Although the two gestures both signal respect to a higher-ranking officer, subtle differences clearly signify a saluter's nationality.
Coauthor Joyce Poole of Nairobi, Kenya, had noted that young males lose the obvious signs of musth within hours or even minutes of being menaced by a higher-ranking male in musth.
Still, higher-ranking monkeys in each group did better than the rest.
Silent male discoverers detected by a higher-ranking male were most likely to encounter aggression.