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a principle that takes precedent over the laws of society

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34) But we argue that despite these lapses, the judiciary for the most part does abide by our Constitution as higher law.
And rather than accepting the will of the (naturally good) people, the Left invokes its elite, enrobed priesthood--the judiciary--to implement not the Constitution but its own higher law of "social justice," and to reject any democratic results it dislikes and to impose instead its own agenda.
delegation of religious superiors who were in San Salvador when Romero was killed said that the archbishop, in a March 23 homily, had urged soldiers to disobey orders to kill, in deference to a higher law.
8) In the former sense, equal opportunity simply means equal freedom under what Bastiat ([1850] 1964: 94) called the "law of justice"--that is, the law of liberty or higher law underlying the Framers' Constitution.
But Genesis 9:6 provides no simple legal answer for the Christian who must obey the higher law of love.
Surely, we too need to show that our officials are subject to a higher law, and that we can be proud of our traditions of respect for human rights," King Hamad said.
The fact that there is a higher law that is independent of caliphs and sultans saved Islam's historical forms of government from becoming absolutist or monarchic.
62) The prudent Supreme Court justice in the Proposition 8 case would feel the pull of restraint, fidelity, and justice because he would recognize the legitimacy of the demands of democracy, the rule of law, and higher law.
Although change has been discernible on occasions in the conduct of American foreign policy such as the Good Neighbor Policy and during the Carter Administration, No Higher Law, provides continuity in terms of ingrained beliefs, entrenched institutions and ground practices marked by compulsions of US domestic politics.
Notwithstanding this complex of contributing factors, Ledewitz uses the doctrine of higher law to urge the Court in the direction of inclusiveness of the wide range of religious and secular communities in the U.
As for the controversy surrounding the ratification of a consensual constitution, it only reflects a need for a higher law by which everyone would abide.
The President said there is alaw of the land but there is alsoa higher law.
If we agree that there is a Higher Authority and a Higher Law, we may still disagree among ourselves as to what that Law is and as to how it should be applied.
Sophocles wrote that humans could appeal to a higher law, the unwritten immutable laws of heaven, whenever the laws of the state violated the universal principle of justice.
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