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Riyadh, Shawwal 29, 1432, Sep 27, 2011, SPA - A Pony "Van Gogh" of Muhammadiyah stables owned by Prince Abdullah bin Fahd bin Abdullah, won the silver medal for the category of foals in Aachen International Championship of Arabian Highbred Horses Pageantry, which concluded in Germany yesterday with the participation of the most prominent horses in the world.
Exempt the importation of electric and highbred vehicles from Excise Tax and VAT in order to promote environmental friendly tourism.
This exclusive prize is the perfect addition to any children's bedroom, helping to protect your home against any secret highbred invasions.
The Okuma & Howa MILLAC 44V vertical machining center for mold making and high-speed machining applications has a high-speed silent ballscrew with center cooling and an advanced highbred lubrication system.
The Onitsha masters of useful advice--Olisah, Money Hard, Highbred Maxwell, Rufus Okonkwo, etc.--frequently exceeded the audacity of Amos Tutuola with their didactic diatribes.
Other American universities were providing classical education to highbred undergraduates.
The team FitzRoy had commanded to be put to his coach that day were spirited young animals of highbred hot-blooded stock, (18) as one might have expected to find in the stables of a nobleman, rather than more placid carriage horses.
The NEWCAR 4 uses a highbred Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM).
Sophisticated highbred products, featuring combinations of particleboard and MDF, edge-glued lumber strips, and fine veneers, were pegged as the panel products of the future.
The book, a fictional autobiography of a gentle, highbred horse, had a strong moral purpose and is said to have been instrumental in abolishing the cruel practice of using the checkrein.
Charney: These two particular acronyms that I've applied - CARG, which is Consolidated Asset Recovery Group; and Recall, which is an actual name - are like the highbred of the RTC.
The Grandin horses may be real highbred hunters, but they ain't got any more manners than a blue jay.
Importation of electric and highbred vehicles will also be exempted from excise tax and VAT in order to promote environmental friendly tourism.
Riyadh, March 14, 2010, SPA -- Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Riyadh Province, received here today Prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, on the occasion of his camel winning Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashed Al-Maktoum Cup at the Annual Festival of Arabian Highbred Camels, recently held in Dubai.