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Synonyms for high-spirited

Synonyms for high-spirited

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

full of or characterized by a lively, emphatic, eager quality

Synonyms for high-spirited

joyously unrestrained

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"Safilea was a caring, high-spirited and brave young lady who even in her toughest times always strived to remain positive."
High-spirited members, all finely decorated in colorful beads and boas, descended on New Orleans.
Female adolescents will love the high-spirited, tough-hearted heroine Heaven Kogo as she crashes through samurai warrior lessons and the local shopping mall, and learn a little bit about Japanese culture.
It'' high-spirited old-country Italian and what puttanesta should be rather than the frankly bland versions you find in nearly all local eateries.
A high-spirited "jazzical" version of Langston Hughes's play, set in 1936 at the height of the Harlem Renaissance.
Barbara McNab's second outing for Yindala, the high-spirited koala who is obsessed with running fast, comes 14 years after the first offering.
Y ahora me voy con mi mare (And now I go with my mother), a seven-part suite loosely concerned with the inconstant nature of love, the men (Adrian Sanchez, Julian Martin, and Jose Barrios) still had all the fun--playfully tossing off ricocheting compas (rhythms) with marksman-like precision in joyous alegrias and the fast, furiously high-spirited bulerias of Ortega's hometown, Jerez de la Frontera, one of the cradles of flamenco in Southern Spain.
And if you're high-spirited, find something else to do that doesn't damage the environment."
Cressy has found very few cases of cross-dressing in historical records, and those he has discovered turn out to be mostly high-spirited pranks rather than rebellion against a patriarchal social order.
"Back in 1995, I was coaxed into riding a very young, high-spirited, moody, male Tennessee Walker, and when I got on the horse, it took off on a frenzied gallop.
Were it not for his high-spirited drive, Poses might have coasted to retirement as president and COO of AlliedSignal (since merged into Honeywell International); in fact, he easily could have quit working altogether, thanks to the financial performance of that company under Larry Bossidy.
"Sometimes she gets a bit high-spirited though she never makes a fool of herself.