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not financially safe or secure

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Take the 10 Questions On Stratifying High-Risk Patients Survey at https://www.
High-risk HPV types can lead to cervical cancer (an AIDS cancer, Figure 1) and other cancers in women and men.
Without PSA screening, "we have no other way to detect prostate cancer sufficiently early to have the best chance of helping this group of high-risk patients," said Dr.
High-Risk Pregnancy and Foetal Diagnosis: Your Journey by professional family therapy, grief, and women's health counselor Stephanie Azri is a practical guide written especially for women who must cope with medical diagnoses that put them in a high-risk category, or indicate abnormalities in their unborn.
In Chile, 70% of the patients have a history of occupational or peridomestic exposure to rodents or peridomestic exposure to a human with HCPS; in 20% to 35%, exposure is limited to visiting high-risk areas for recreational purposes (8).
High-risk sex offenders also became an issue in the Antelope Valley, where their proportion of the population is more than twice the Los Angeles County average.
This program announcement solicits research aimed at increasing parenting capacities while simultaneously focusing on the reduction, elimination, or prevention of one or more high-risk health behaviors or poor health habits in youth and adolescent children.
This article describes an after-school program designed to promote healthy identity, and adaptive personal choice behaviors in a high-risk group of middle school students.
Bacterial vaginosis is associated with several high-risk sexual behaviors, such as having a large number of partners, according to findings from a clinic-based Australian study.
Illinois requires that regular blood lead screenings be done only on children living in high-risk ZIP codes, a designation determined by the age of the housing, the number of poor families and the prevalence of children previously found to have elevated blood lead levels.
Customs and Border Protection officers and host nation counterparts work together to target high-risk cargo containers destined for the United States.
One approach to this public need is the creation of special high-risk pools to provide health insurance for such individuals and their families.
The results were then categorized as low-, moderate-, or high-risk for a silent MI based on the presence of a Q wave or ST-T wave abnormalities.
The dozen high-risk participants who developed schizophrenia during the next 18 months had performed poorly on the odor test, Brewer's group reports in the October American Journal of Psychiatry.